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Bob Moore replied to Colin's discussion Challenging a bogus fine
"Then at Clarence it looks like you get a brief green at change of lights. Maybe the thinking is let cyclists go briefly when cars are just taking off, but hold them later when cars are speeding up the hill in platoon to get through the lights."
Jun 24
Bob Moore replied to Colin's discussion Challenging a bogus fine
"Interesting- on Google you can see there is a green for cyclists whilst a red arrow for left turners, just as the pedestrians get a green. Maybe it depends on time of day. Question, can cyclists turn left on a red arrow in this situation?"
Jun 24
centurion48 liked Colin's discussion Challenging a bogus fine
Jun 24
noelbike replied to Colin's discussion Challenging a bogus fine
"For me this is not about motorbike cops and they way the evidence is with the fine. It is about these bike lanterns that are red. They should be green. This arvo I came across Pyrmont bridge, around the curved shared path to cross Sussex and go…"
Jun 23
Colin replied to Colin's discussion Challenging a bogus fine
"Yes. I went to court and got a s10, no offence recorded, no fine. Prior to going to court I managed to get in touch with the highway patrolman, and arranged to watch the footage from his body cam. To my surprise it showed that I did leave the…"
Jun 23
Pierre Ferré liked Colin's group Helmetless riders
May 3
Colin replied to Chris Henning's discussion Spending on roads vs active transport
"Those country folk have their roads, electricity, gas, water, fire brigade, and policing all massively subsidised by people who live in denser areas. "
Nov 19, 2018
Colin replied to Chris Henning's discussion Spending on roads vs active transport
"The area of greater Sydney has the same population as the same area centred on Amsterdam. Same number of people per square kilometre. The difference is that in Sydney that population is spread more thinly over that area, whereas in Amsterdam…"
Nov 19, 2018
Colin replied to PeterT's discussion So innocuous ; but Motorist superiority seen in Spider-Man's first appearance
"The 1920s was the birth of this mentality in the US. By the 1930s motordom had "won".Read Fighting Traffic for an in-depth, but readable, exploration of this change in society's…"
Nov 19, 2018
Colin replied to Bob Moore's discussion What makes healthier suburbs- Domain study
"Not sure what you mean exactly, but I'd say that excessive public roads infrastructure is always built."
Oct 19, 2018
Colin replied to Dabba's discussion Ebike mid drive conversion - BBS01B 36v 250w Bafang Mid Drive Kit
"I know of three main ways that e-bikes determine how to provide power: throttle, or detection of cranks being rotated, or torque sensor, with assistance proportional to torque from rider. Which sort is this?"
Oct 19, 2018
Colin replied to Bob Moore's discussion What makes healthier suburbs- Domain study
"The experts suggest many things to be added - walkability, better public transit, better cycling infrastructure, more density. All true and good. The lack of all of these things has one main cause - cars. And it will be very difficult to add more of…"
Oct 19, 2018
Colin replied to Chris Henning's discussion Safety and health: Hooray for cycling (again––but is anyone listening?)
"It's a good comment, but it only applies to those that form public policy. For individuals deciding how to commute it is largely irrelevant. The article implies that if ordinary people had better information (like this article) they'd make…"
Sep 2, 2018
Colin replied to dr bean's discussion Regular commuting on the 'other side of the road'
"For me, the initial stages aren't too bad cos I have to concentrate at every intersection, and my concentration is good enough to figure it out. The danger starts to kick in when I don't have to concentrate any more - when riding on the…"
Aug 13, 2018
Colin replied to Bill's discussion City of Sydney Draft Cycling Strategy/Action Plan
"I agree with you about bi-directional cycleways (bi-di's). BUT, I'm quite sure the people who plan and design the bi-di's at the CoS also agree. They're not doing bi-di's because they think they're the best…"
Aug 4, 2018
charlie_L commented on Colin's group Helmetless riders
"Also in section 4.2.2  "Although the surveys were not intended to provide a measure of bicycle use, there was a downward trend of 47% in the number of bicycle riders observed riding to and from school from 1991 to 1993. However, helmet…"
Jun 7, 2018
Vicki commented on Colin's group Helmetless riders
"The RMS has several articles from that era published on their site under research in the cycling section. They all acknowledge the reduction in cycling numbers that was taking place but all expressed the belief that numbers would recover. It never…"
Jun 7, 2018
PeterT commented on Colin's group Helmetless riders
"I just came across this RMS PDF It surprised me to see that in Section 4.5.3 and 4.54 , there was an acknowledgement there was a decline in riders,…"
Jun 7, 2018
Colin commented on Colin's group Helmetless riders
"Yep, a great video to show people who are new to the issue."
Jun 3, 2018
charlie_L commented on Colin's group Helmetless riders
"Video worth a look"
Jun 2, 2018

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City of Sydney Doing it Right

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Cycling without age

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Comment Wall (17 comments)

At 7:27pm on December 18, 2007, DamianM said…
Hi Colin
Welcome to the site! Loving your contributions so far.
At 8:08pm on December 18, 2007, Colin said…
At 10:28pm on May 26, 2008, DamianM said…
Hey Colin
Really glad you're enjoying the site.
I think Twitter works for me the way it does because I'm a site admin and can embed that code. It wont work for everyone else, but you can take the rss feed from twitter and put that on your page.
At 9:13pm on June 4, 2008, ChrisS said…
Re: theme, it's a nice simple theme, but a older one. Unfortunately Ning has a tendency to roll out new changes and stuff up older themes a tad. Think the css is still available but with limited support.
At 11:50am on June 10, 2008, DamianM said…
That's awesome! Nicely done.
NIng is great for this stuff
At 10:52am on June 16, 2009, Fixit said…
Hi Colin,
I'll add the ASRA site to my shop links page. I'd love to come and watch a comp. Yes drop in some time! I see Yogi mention Surfer Sam - my sister and I gunned our Surfer Sams straight down the massive hill we lived on as kids - many a gravel rash was had.
At 10:16pm on June 25, 2009, DamianM said…
Heya Colin

You weren't skating down market st in the city on Tuesday night at about 8:30 were you ?
Saw a few guys skating, and one looked a little familiar. I know I've seen photos of you somewhere.
At 8:15pm on August 26, 2009, Lisa said…
you still alive?
At 2:08pm on May 6, 2010, Mark Lambert said…
Hey Colin, did you get my reply to your message last week? I never heard back from you.
At 8:41am on June 28, 2010, Edward Re said…
Nice to meet you Colin! Louis passes on his congratulation to Edmund for winning the youngest rider's prize. It was a close contest. Am jealous of the Bullitt!

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Colin's Blog

Anti-cyclists are out of the loop

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 6:55pm 12 Comments

Last week on my way home from work I stopped at a red light on Oxford St in Darlinghurst and found myself in a bunch of 12 cyclists.

Yesterday at the same intersection it was 16. I've been riding up Oxford St for many years, and I've never seen such a crowd. It used to be just me.

(Those 16 cyclists took up…


Where in the world is my bike?

Posted on September 22, 2010 at 5:50pm 9 Comments

The price you pay for riding a bike

Posted on September 3, 2010 at 3:58pm 6 Comments

Today I cycled down Crown St instead of my usual route on Bourke St. I wanted to avoid the mess created by the construction work for the cycleway, and I figured it would be an opportunity to see why so many cyclists prefer Crown to Bourke. I'd never had good experiences on Crown - I always seem to attract road ragers there, and it happened again today.

It started when a middle-aged guy in a car… Continue

My long distance commute through the suburbs

Posted on September 25, 2009 at 12:05pm 5 Comments

Although I ride almost every day, it's rare that I ever ride more than about 6km in any one go, and most of my trips are 2km or less. But today I rode to Rhodes from Darlinghurst, which is about 20km. It's a different experience.

It was morning rush hour and I got to experience stuff like the crowd on Pyrmont Bridge that everybody talks about. I can't see the problem there; if I was to imagine a perfect street for cycling it would be the Pyrmont Bridge - no cars, a pleasant view, and… Continue

From the CEO of BP

Posted on July 10, 2008 at 7:56pm 1 Comment

We're Investing So Much In Alternative Fuels, Sometimes We Almost Forget To Pump Oil!

Ever since we changed our name from British Petroleum to BP (Beyond Petroleum) in 2000, we've led the way in developing progressive, environmentally friendly alternatives to gasoline. These last few years of pouring money into biofuels and renewable energy sources have been so great that I can't…

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