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Dabba left a comment for DamianM
"Problems in Camelot perhaps. I've contacted my ISP and they were going to get me a new IP address to try to resolve the problem. As both Bill and I have had an issue, maybe it is something that you could have a look at from your end. My…"
DamianM replied to Dama's discussion Freedom of speech on "sydney cyclist" is a joke -- thread deleted!
"Oh boy ....  OK where to start. Firstly Dama, given your obvious expertise in small claims law, you should go look up the definition of Freedom of Speech. It's not something Australia actually has. Secondly, I'm not stopping on in…"
Dec 18, 2015
KimR replied to DamianM's discussion Bicycle Network... and threats of legal action
"Good news. Hope it works this time."
Dec 4, 2015
Sir Ubu, Viscount of Sitlandria replied to DamianM's discussion Bicycle Network... and threats of legal action
"Got a reply from them, this time I won't call it unsolicited. He's asked me to pass on his email address to anyone else who's been unsuccessful in getting themselves unsubscribed - drop him a note and he'll look after you. Or so…"
Dec 3, 2015
Sir Ubu, Viscount of Sitlandria replied to DamianM's discussion Bicycle Network... and threats of legal action
"Thanks. Email sent. I've told them they've got 7 days to remove my email addresses from all their lists; from this time a $100 processing fee will apply (I've decided my time is worth more than $50). I also attached a copy of all the…"
Dec 1, 2015
KimR replied to DamianM's discussion Bicycle Network... and threats of legal action
"Can the privacy council do anything about this? I sent a protest email to this person. Media enquiries: General Manager, Communications Anthea Hargreaves Email: antheah@bicyclenetwork.com.au"
Nov 30, 2015
Neil Alexander replied to DamianM's discussion Bicycle Network... and threats of legal action
"Why don't you offer them membership of the Sit Ubu Sit Network (aka The SUS Network)? Tell 'em the bargain price of say, $500p.a., includes insurance against being sued for continually sending you unsolicited emails. Worth a try."
Nov 30, 2015
Sir Ubu, Viscount of Sitlandria replied to DamianM's discussion Bicycle Network... and threats of legal action
"Yes. And much like the last 5 or 6, I've used the (non)unsubscribe function, and taken a screenshot confirming it was "successful". And I'll send this to them via their website and once again ask why it's not successful, and…"
Nov 30, 2015

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What sort of riding do you do ?
Commuting, Road Cycling, Recreational, Whatever
Where in Sydney do you live ?
Brisvegas now
Tell us about your bikes
Oooops, I did it again. The current stable is

Giant TCR1 for teh going fast(er).

Masi Speciale Fixed for doing the no coasting thing and to make the commute more interesting.
About Me:
I ride bikes and play guitar and work with the intarwebs. Not necessarily in that order. I put this site together as an experiment to get cyclists in Sydney talking. So far it's working out ok.

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    Whirlwind Sydney Visit

    Posted on September 22, 2011 at 12:35am 4 Comments

    Hey all


    I just spent an all too short couple of days in Sydney for a wedding. We arrived Wednesday night and left Monday morning, I did have a bike with me but ended up too busy / tired to ride much. I did do the Waterfall ride on Sunday, more on that in a moment.


    A couple of little points of reflection.


    Cycleways and bikes!


    Oh my god, whoever thought Sydney would start leading the way ? I don't know if you guys are noticing…


    Happy Birthday Miles

    Posted on September 4, 2011 at 12:36pm 11 Comments

    Three and a bit years ago I put up a video here of my little boy, then two years old, flying down the hill on a balance bike.


    A year later and he'd transitioned onto a bike with pedals and no training wheels and was doing pretty well.


    Today he is 6. This is the first ride of his new bike, a second hand…


    My weekend of wheel building

    Posted on June 29, 2011 at 12:14am 5 Comments

    On a cold morning in June, 9 men gathered around a table in Sydney. The topic of conversation was nipples.

    No, it's not what you might be thinking. Perverts!

    I'm talking of course about the first BikeWise Wheel Building course


    When Patrick announced the course back in May I said I'd consider coming down for it, the more I considered it the…


    TDU - The Twitter Ride

    Posted on January 15, 2011 at 11:23pm 3 Comments

    "Good morning Dublin. Who wants a ride this afternoon ?"


    That was how Lance's tradition of Twitter rides started. Since then he's put together rides in several cities, not so impromptu these days, police and ambulance are involved to make sure everyone is safe and the roads are managed.




    TDU Day 1 - Cav!

    Posted on January 15, 2011 at 2:14pm 2 Comments

    We flew out of Brisbane on Thursday morning and into Adelaide, and it appeared that we'd brought our weather with us. Neil Finn would be proud!


    After buying a couple of umbrellas Miles and I set out for a walk into the city. First stop, the very excellent Bicycle Express in the Adelaide CBD to organise a loaner bike for Miles (in case a certain opportunity comes up). If you ever need a bike or any bits and pieces…


    Comment Wall (206 comments)

    At 9:24am on October 23, 2007, Kate said…
    Love the site Damian. You're a smart cookie :)
    At 3:36pm on October 24, 2007, Marianne said…
    Congrats on the site! Timing is just right for me - I need to get my bike working and start communiting.
    At 1:13am on October 26, 2007, Geoff M said…
    Yeah, I think you were riding with us the day coming back from Waterfall and we joined on the back of a large group and I saw this dork in the full Discovery Channel outfit. Getting closer, I noticed his nice Medone bike and then I realised he was the real deal. So I snuck in beside him and had a chat for about 5 mins!
    At 8:37am on October 30, 2007, Tim said…
    Cheers! Looks like an interesting site you've built here, I'm still trying to come to terms with all it offers.

    Since you appear to have some IT-fu, can I get this site to syndicate an externally hosted RSS feed? I can put out an RSS feed of the Cycling category on my real blog, I don't want to maintain another one here.

    At 12:15pm on October 30, 2007, Derek said…
    Looks a cool site Damian, thanks for the Welcome.

    Maybe thru here I might meet a few folk and get out on the bike more. Since the National Ride to Work Day I have learnt a whole lot more of the Sydney bike culture and find it most inspiring & your site seems a positive step up in that direction :).
    At 4:20pm on October 30, 2007, adrian said…
    Great site d. Yeah - and I appreciate the welcome also.
    At 9:22am on October 31, 2007, mtrauts said…
    Tx for the welcome!

    This site is a great idea, I hope it flourishes.
    At 9:32am on October 31, 2007, Michael O'Reilly said…
    Thanks for the welcome, hope this site takes off.

    Yeah I'll put up a pic once I've given it its next clean!
    At 12:57pm on October 31, 2007, James said…
    Hi Damian, thanks for the welcome. Great idea. . .will upload some Mont piccies once I get a mo.
    At 3:26pm on October 31, 2007, Adrian Nesbitt said…
    Then henceforth I shall be known as Adrian the Fourth

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