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Started this discussion. Last reply by Nigel Aug 9, 2019. 8 Replies


Waterproof Cycling Pants

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nigel Jan 26, 2019. 13 Replies

I am in need of some waterproof cycling pants and would like some guidance about pants you have tried and wear in the rain. Need to be cycling specific and packable.Continue

Japan Cycling. Touring Hokkaido

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bill Parker Dec 9, 2018. 4 Replies

After great advice from SC members I had a taste of cycling in Japan in April this year and am now keen to try again. Do any of our contributors have any information for touring in Hokkaido, I intend…Continue

Bike Touring in Japan

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Has any of our contributors ridden the Shimanmi Kaido bike route in southern Japan . Do you have any information about bike hire, accommodation in minshuku or hotels along the route and general tips…Continue


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Nigel replied to Rob Berry's discussion Newcastle Overnight
"Smoke is blowing across the Central Coast north of the Hawkesbury River with a westerly wind."
Nov 15, 2019
Nigel replied to Rob Berry's discussion Newcastle Overnight
"With a state of emergency declared for the next week and the chance of bushfires in Lake Macquarie area starting up again do you think it is wise to put yourself in danger and maybe others who have to rescue you by doing this ride at this time of…"
Nov 11, 2019
Nigel replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
Aug 9, 2019
Nigel replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"Cape Nosappu  about 25km from Nemuro as far east as you can go in Hokkaido N43 23 27  E 145 49 01 had hoped to see the 4 islands occupied by Russia after WW2 but as you can see very cloudy."
Aug 9, 2019
Bob Moore replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"返せ北方領土 納沙布岬の碑Nosappu, Nemuro, Hokkaido 087-0165, Japan Suishou Island is Russian, but disputed by Japan, first in the long line of Kuril Islands stretching to Kamchatka."
Jul 23, 2019
Bob Moore replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"Actually I think it says next water 7 km, so I hope you had a full bottle."
Jul 23, 2019
Peter H replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"7.0km from Suishou island (Thanks to my friend who can speak Japanese)"
Jul 23, 2019
Bill Parker replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"Nice looking bike regardless of where it is"
Jul 23, 2019
Bob Moore replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"7 km from the City, 7 km from care."
Jul 23, 2019
PeterT replied to Nigel's discussion WITW
"Somewhere in Japan looking over to some islands Lucky you! "
Jul 22, 2019
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Jul 22, 2019

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Road Cycling, Recreational
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Lemond Custom titanium
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Comment Wall (9 comments)

At 8:35pm on March 14, 2010, Al said…
Well Nigel, my front Gatorskin was not so invincible, I got a puncture before we even got to Toronto!! Managed to survive the rest unscathed and enjoyed the ride, the roads on the south west & south east parts of the lake are in terrible condition though, the local councils should really be ashamed of their maintenance efforts. Had a great day, hope you did too.
At 1:59pm on November 1, 2010, Michell said…
Hi Nigel! Just wondering whether you still have a spare Gong entry for sale? Thx Michell
At 10:09am on November 28, 2010, Mike Stuart said…
Hi Nigel, thank you so much for the tips. I'd love to have an experienced rider with me on Jan 2nd, so I'll definitely let you know if I get something organised.

Thanks again,
Speak soon - Mike
At 7:04pm on February 9, 2011, Harry G said…

Thanks Nigel for responding. I did not know until about two weeks ago about the "dark side". I was abused by three racers coming across the bikepath on Captain Cook Bridge in the wrong direction. I thought all we cyclists were united against car drivers; I did not realise we had internal strife. But not to worry.

I am 67, had a bike now for about 6 months and enjoying it. I bought a Giant Cerdona hybrid which has stood me in good stead. No problems with it.

But now the cycling infestation has taken over my body, I am looking to upgrade and I did think it would be a reasonably easy job, but I can see there are many options. My Giant agent has suggested a Transcend or a Cross City 1' another has suggested a Silverback Deka.

But I am not going to ask you about what brand ... mine is a more generic issue. I am concerned that now, after more than 1000km of riding (I am now riding 90km round trip to Kurnell each weekend ... often) but the bike retailer have mentioned I will notice a loss of comfort by upgrading my bike - no suspension in front forks, less comfortable seat.

They have frightened the whatever out of me. Saddle soreness is no longer a problem on my 90k run since I stop every hour and walk for a minute or two while I have a drink. Amd I going to notice a big difference in comfort if I get off my hybrid? If I do, am I just likely to absorb it after a couple of hundred kms?

I am not after a long answer ... I don't want to take up too much of your time .... is there a short answer?

Thanks again


At 8:12pm on February 9, 2011, Harry G said…


Thanks ... these are the words I was looking for.."it takes a bit of getting used to the transition but you have a lot of Ks under your belt so wont be to hard".

All the technical guff is beyond me, which makes it easier. The less you know, the easier the decision. My local bike shop retails Giant, and I prefer to shop local for obvious reasons. I might soon own a Cross City 1

Thanks again


At 8:31pm on February 10, 2011, Harry G said…

Nigel ... have had some net problems .. only just back on. I will look at the Defy in a minute or two. If I remember correctly the Cross City 1 has 20 gears (2x10) as opposed to my hybrid's 24 (3x8) or the Silverback Deka with 27 (3x9)

Is there anything "wrong" with the 20gear; it is better or not better than 24 gear?

At 8:03pm on February 12, 2011, Harry G said…


Thanks for your comments. The Defy is not for me. I don't want to be riding with my hands so low. Maybe one day, when I get a bit older and experienced! And all that talk about gears, with numbers like 26/32 mean nothing to me. Even if I knew what you were talking about, I don't know if I would know the relevance. But it is all part of the learning curve.

Yesterday, I took possession of my Cross City 1. I only bought it yesterday, said jokingly, "I'll pick it up in 30 mins", and they said "OK". so I had to take my Hybrid back home, walk back to the bike shop. I am not good enough to ride one and nurse the other.

I am very pleased with the Cross City. My first 200 metres was "Wow, isn't this uncomfortable. Now I know why they call the hybrid a comfort bike". My other "first thought" was "these gears are good!".

I took it for a ride this afternoon - a 20km round trip to La Perouse .. some bush track, and a board walk through the national park where i am obliged to walk. My previous best on the hybrid was 62min, and on the cross city was 57min about an 8% improvement. You cannot really compare, of course, because as I was powering out into the bay along Prince of Wales drive, I had to drop down to the lower range because of the headwind. On the return, with the breeze behind, I hit 40kph, which is pretty good for me.

So, I like the bike. I don't pedal over the speed humps as I do with the hybrid .. I stand on the pedals to protect my vital parts. I find with the less rubber on the road I can steer better. Does that make sense? Is that a known issue or one I just think I have noticed.

I am going to keep my hybrid, because there are times I expect I will want it. Even when I go on my ride with three mates, I will take my hybrid, because I can outpace them on the hybrid if I want to ... and I want to ride with my friends, not ahead of them.

Thanks again for your input.

Kind regards

At 7:50pm on March 2, 2011, Harry G said…

Hi Nigel

I am after some more info. I am confident I am not being a nuisance ...

I love my new bike. Don't really know of any problems with it. It's light, the gears a terrific. The ride is rough compared with my hybrid, but that is OK. I rode to Kurnell (90km round trip) on Saturday without my padded shorts (I was wearing shorts, just not the padded ones) and did not finish up sore.

The tyres are Vittoria Randonneur and the valves are not like the car ones. I bought myself a good quality pump (I think it is good quality) which handles both types of valves (I am assuming there are only two types. I clicked the pump onto the valve, but it registered no pressure, then I pumped a couple of time and it was up to the 100 psi mark. It seems as if I can only get 80psi or 100psi or 120psi with this pump. And this cannot be right!

The valve has a little "screwy" bit on its tip. It seems to me that because this screwy bit screws, I should possibly undo it (or do it up) when I want to pump up the tyres. There is a valve cap on the valves, so I am not getting it mixed up. This bit unscrews a certain amount, but does not screw off.

I am sure this is terribly basic info, and I am also my bike shop should have instructed me. Rather than going back to them, I thought I would ask you.

It seems funny to have two bikes. I use my hybrid now for my Friday and Sunday rides with my friends, and the Cross City for my commutes to UNSW gym, and my rides to Kurnell.

Should I have a third to match you?

At 7:28am on March 3, 2011, Harry G said…


It was extremely helpful and timely. I wondered if my tyres were a little flat, but the squeeze test told me they probably weren't too bad. Now I know how to use the pump/valve (I read your note this morning just while I was filling in time before taking the bike out) things will be better. Because I had the time, I followed your directions, and found the front and back pressures to be 40psi. Perhaps I lost some pressure in my abortive attempts last night. perhaps the tyres have never been pumped up properly. I guess I will get on the bike in a few minutes and find a very hard ride (hard, not difficult).

How often do you check your tyres? I suppose it depends on how much you ride etc, but I wonder if you have a rule of thumb. I can guess your answer ... check them every week then work out my own routine.

Thanks again Nigel for your prompt and helpful assistance. I was wondering if I should try the loop the Lake ride. The 85km I do to Kurnell is fairly flat, so the long ride at the Lake might be beyond me. Maybe I should try the 55km first

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