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Peter Robinson replied to PeterT's discussion Another hit-and-run driver, this time a 13 year old victim in VIC who is now in coma
"send a ranger they wild do. enforce the parking rules very rarely. we've got regular police cars that park in the no stopping zone opposite the school and never once have I seen them leave the car. they have more of an effect of approving the…"
Nov 10, 2017
Peter Robinson replied to Susanna Mills's discussion CLOSURE OF QUARRY ROAD FIRETRAIL
"Liberals needed the votes of hunters and fishers party to get dodgy legislation through. Hence you get biased decisions just like this"
Apr 12, 2017
Peter Robinson replied to Russ W's discussion SMH today ... "Road rule that drivers don't seem to know"
"Not sure if it was tour of Algarve or the other race (sorry feel asleep in front of TV) but at the finish line they had a large screen with a graphic showing a biker and a car and the 1.5m gap . Very visible and a clear message."
Feb 20, 2017
Peter Robinson replied to AdamM's discussion Duncan Gay may be gone, but Deputy Mayor Kerryn Phelps is still here!
"you'd think kerryn phelps would know better than to spout uneducated crap to try and vilify a group. sounds like she's just another  promoting politician and equally as untrustworthy in the position"
Feb 15, 2017
Peter Robinson replied to Jonathon Troy's discussion Did anyone notice this?
"as they remove the supercar setup (its amazing how much goes up and down every year) they are also adding another set of traffic lights next to the stadium/athletic centre. They've also said they plan to put in more of the ridiculous barricades…"
Dec 13, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Scientia et Labore's discussion The regime again
"freedom is clearly a threat to our way of life and must be quashed."
Dec 8, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to BernIe's discussion Parramatta bike plan
"Have completed the survey but cannot be there on Wednesday, so have emailed the place manager from Parra council instead. I have to say despite being on resident committees when we were under auburn council, parra is a lot better at talking to the…"
Nov 24, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Dabba's discussion Does the Orange defeat of the Nats turn on the light at the end of the tunnel?
"you mean troy grant who has misused the police force to target cyclists as a political football? who has overseen the police in working against saving lives by allowing simple drug tests at  festuvals that are common in large parts of the…"
Nov 22, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Bill Parker's discussion cycling in central Sydney is lower than it was two years ago (SMH)
"I've certainly cut my city commutes due to the increase in aggression I copped right around the start of the new police fines. I made that point in a meeting with the secretary for transport, and he said they would consider those figures.…"
Nov 18, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to herzog's discussion Centennial Park incident 12 Sept 2016
"if you put a boom gate in though drivers will assume it's clear whenever the gate goes up. it would have to be linked to sensors that make sure there's no cyclist in range when it lets each car through. the water screen 10 foot stop sign…"
Sep 19, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Nat Buckley's discussion Fivedock / Rodd Point - Upgrade of "Bay Run"
"I was driving in today and had a near miss with a cyclist who was lane splitting the traffic turning left onto city west link when the lights changed. he raced to get in front then hooked my car to get up on the small pedestrian ramp. I haven't…"
Jul 1, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Justin Smirk's discussion Be Careful out there, next Tuesday 28th June Police Bliz on Bikes
"I can confirm from my meeting with john sidoti that the government chooses to take the absolute numbers as proof that harsher laws and more enforcement is justified and necessary. Of course we know Duncan will skew the results to say what he wants…"
Jun 28, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Paul Jackson's discussion SMH: NSW budget 2016: $80 million for cycling infrastructure
"they allowed Duncan to claim legitimacy on the other issues to achieve what they wanted. That's incredibly irresponsible behaviour from a group that like to claim to be a cycling safety organisation but as achieved the exact opposite"
Jun 22, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Paul Jackson's discussion SMH: NSW budget 2016: $80 million for cycling infrastructure
"lets look at the record in other areas that have been promised - new schools. Wentworth point school is way overdue, been in the last 6 budgets. Many thousands of new residents are being pushed into the area and the nearby school is 50% over…"
Jun 22, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Bill Parker's discussion Sydney Cycling Infrastructure of the Week
"road is a one way street and it's a two way bike path. but never mind, the cross city cycling infrastructure stops one block further up, where it's still a one way st, so pesky cyclists should be used to this."
Jun 14, 2016
Peter Robinson replied to Bill Parker's discussion "Town saved by bicycle tourist" (not in NSW), but for how long?
"it sounds like every one got together, discussed it rationally and came up with a pretty good compromise to me. both industries are important in the area.  "
Jun 3, 2016

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