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baa baa replied to BIKESydney's discussion Getting boats off the roads
"Curse indeed, have a great fear of running up the backside of a boat trailer without reflectors at night or even worst getting a face full of the outboard motor and the prop."
6 hours ago
baa baa replied to Nat Buckley's discussion Helmets - March '15 election....
"Trev, keep Manly out of it. While it has low levels of mhl enforcement, it also has an ongoing traffic slowing program and some very hard fought bits of infrastructure (which we have been working hard to get up for years). It is a model of what can…"
6 hours ago
baa baa replied to Sam Daykin's discussion Another Lucky Cyclist (But an iffy headline on the SMH)
"kinda like.. Foolish action no joke as cyclists under a tack Tom Westbrook Manly Daily 30 Oct 2014 IF IT wasn’t so dangerous, it would be cartoonish. A bed of tacks spread across a popular cycle route at Church Point, thwarting bike riders. It…"
baa baa replied to Pat The Rat's discussion The Big Push October 24 2014
"I see the bloke on the right (Bob or Brian? cant recall) on a bike quite a bit, never seen him in full bnsw kit but just bike shorts and tshirts or tops relevant the the season and weather. Would have been for the corporate branding look for the o/s…"
baa baa replied to Sam Daykin's discussion Another Lucky Cyclist (But an iffy headline on the SMH)
"Heal quick, that can be a bad spot and is another case for a 40k zone in Nth Sydney (and maybe 25 for the ever prowling taxis) Anyway thanks for for posting this. I also think that most drivers do care and that part of being a real human most will…"
baa baa replied to Paul Levett's discussion Police Blitz On Anzac And Pyrmont Bridges
"I would think (and bloody well hope) that it was the other way around. The police had put out that this week is bike week and the newscorp stuff was pushed out last week to look like they have scooped the bigproblemswithferalspeedingbikeriders and…"
baa baa replied to timothy.clifford's discussion We subsidise road and rail commuters – why not bikes too?
"The windmills stuff was good. Comet Windmills just about made this country and windfarms could do the same again. Even if they kept the FBT loopholes it is still not too late to use the knowledge and factories from the car industry to build…"
baa baa replied to Sam Daykin's discussion Another Lucky Cyclist (But an iffy headline on the SMH)
"Didn't watch and don't want too but yes, the vision is good but the variation between the speed of riders high. Some poke along and others go banging across at top speed just so they don't get a red just like drivers do. Not a good…"

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WITWWTM 30-09-12

Posted on September 30, 2012 at 9:16pm 9 Comments

(Where In The World Was This Monotreme)

A slow and steady afternoon "chun juan" with the youngest.…


Cold sweat about bicycles moment.

Posted on August 4, 2009 at 9:24pm 7 Comments

I like a few other syd-cycs will be building up a bike.

I have bought the frame and thinking it should be a nice fun bike, and somewhat "cooler" than what I would normally ride.

BUT on the morning ride to work, I had a cold sweat moment...

Should a man my age be seen riding such a cool bike?

Can you have a mid life crisis which has nothing to do with sports cars but all about bicycles?

Will my just turned 13 daughter think her dad is a dag riding a bike which any… Continue

Comment Wall (23 comments)

At 6:38pm on March 16, 2008, DamianM said…
Hi baa baa, welcome to the site!
At 6:19pm on May 16, 2009, Neil Alexander said…
Nice chook. Yours?
At 7:09pm on May 16, 2009, Neil Alexander said…
Chooks are good as long as you don't want a garden. Ours were bred by the Soviets and operate on the scorched earth principle. They are also bloody Houdinis, always escaping from their enclosure. The daughter likes them though...
At 10:32pm on July 1, 2009, Michael S. (Boxhead) said…
Just noticed your picture. Classic. I've got a sore neck just looking at.
At 11:25pm on December 16, 2009, Susan said…
Thanks for the link that is really great.

Am currently in England on holidays and the cold over here has lead to me thinking up all kinds of changes and new products we can do to help better in the cold. Have just be testing my wool cashmere winter cap to hold out the winter chill and drizzly rain and finding it works quite well.

Thanks again
At 9:48am on February 12, 2010, mike rubbo said…
Hi baa, Baa, its a great idea, but I'm so busy I could not do this. Why don't you do it and I'll leave lots of comment. Have you looked at my movies on E bikes, by the way?
At 2:21pm on March 19, 2010, Si said…
07:45-ish on Wednesday. No other vehicle involved. She still has a bit of worry about "slowing the traffic down" so made to move off onto the car park bit and did not notice the lip (which had gone by Thursday am) until she hit it at too an acute angle to get over it.
At 5:16pm on July 11, 2010, Dabba said…
Thought that the latest addition to my next door neighbour's menagerie might be of interest to your young ones! :-)

At 7:44pm on August 28, 2010, Michael S. (Boxhead) said…
Thanks for the reminder about exelite. I was able to find a lumisash online and have used it a couple of times in the past week. Reflective clothing is good but with the lumisash I feel like I can be seen without needing to have a car pointing at me with headlights reflecting off my clothing. A lot better system.
At 1:18pm on August 31, 2010, Tony Arnold said…
Thanks for the link baa baa. I've had a bit of a look. It is interesting to look at what other places are doing to encourage cycling. It is a big task to get an idea of "best practice".

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