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Somewhere safe to ride

I have been thinking about writing something like this post for a while and have been mulling over this issue for the past week. There is a site called www.crapcyclelanesofcroydon.blogspot.com/, it details some of the dodgey cycling facilities in the Croydon area of London. It is a favourite of mine. The web site spawned other websites detailing facilities which were well intentioned but dangerous and ultimately became a book…


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Where I'l stop, nodoby knows

Night one on the track.

I arrive, feeling utterly ignorant.

We whacked my new pedals on the bike, a DHBC relic known as 'Big Red', then whacked the bike onto some rollers.

After brief instructions about how to mount without going arse over tits, I got on - wearing a helmet as I have very little confidence in my co-ordination.

Within a minute or two, and without me really noticing, the ever-delightful and generous Lindsay M quietly let go of me. I managed to keep moving.

Next… Continue

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New beginnings create a need for advice

Okay. I've made some decisions about cycling this year.

One is that I'm going to have a crack at track riding this year.

The good folks at Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club have an old track bike they're willing to let me try out.

I'm doing it because between kids and self-employment I cannot imagine just when I will ever get the time for serious road riding.
So the chance to train evenings means track makes a lot of sense.…


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The Commute By Bike blog today has a good post about some defensive riding techniques taught to motorcyclists that are equally applicable to cyclists. It nicely sums up what most of us do instinctively and definitely is worth remembering to pass on to newer riders.


  • Scan - Constantly scan the environment…

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Cyclists get a win

Thought that y'all might find this amusing: In Bike vs Car, The Bike Sometimes Wins

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Part of the problem

I went out for a short ride this afternoon, the ride starts with me rolling down down Booth st towards Annandale. Booth St has a bike lane on each side, but it also has a few industrial complexes so you have to keep an eye out for cars and trucks backing out.

So today I was rolling down the hill, at perhaps 40km/h when I saw a car starting to back out from a driveway. He very likely couldn't see me due to the parked cars, so I pulled into the lane for a few seconds. As I did that a… Continue

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I can stop again ... and again ... and again

Not the most glamorous of purchases, I know, but I have just popped a pair of these Serfas BPS300 brake shoes onto the iron steed.

Which means I can stop again.

I bought them because the shoes are re-usable. When the pads wear out, slot some new ones in instead of buying the primary hardware again! That's a nice little environmental dividend that may also save money long-term.

Oh and many thanks to the guys at… Continue

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Headstart For Happiness

Over the last week, Mr Alan Evans of the NRMA started an amazing debate with cyclists around the under-use of a cycleway facility that wasn't even completed. There were many letters replying in the Herald, some pro - cycling articles,… Continue

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A peek at perth

Just back from a fabulous two week break in WA.

We started in Perth where two colossal bike shops competed with one another about 100 metres from the cottage we rented.

One, Bike Force, had its own in-house cafe and on the saturday we visited had gathered quite a crowd of roadies supping on coffees. I reckon they came from far and wide because Perth seems to have a comprehensive bike path network shadowing the coast, its rivers and major freeways too. Rides up and down the coast seemed… Continue

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Review - Shimano Galaxy Glasses

It was a very Melbourne-like day, going from sunny to overcast to light rain and back to sunny every 20 minutes. A perfect day to test out my new Shimano Galaxy glasses with Photochromatic lenses.

I’d wanted some new glasses for a while, my BBB Winners have…


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New Zealand bike tour December 07 January 08 - Au revoir Oz Hello Aotearoa

Follows is a series of post trip blog posts from our cycling trip to New Zealand from 26 Dec 07 to 5 January 08. I would have done them on the road but - well - to busy riding, exploring and drinking bloody good beer than sitting behind a computer. Heh.

It's more a series of observations and experiences in the places we visited more than a comprehensive travel journal. Also a number of tips and traps on how to get around with relative ease.



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High Petrol Prices = More Car Sales ... go figure?

According to the car industry in todays SMH, the rising costs of petrol has not reduced the number of car sales but increased it as people look to buy smaller vehicles.

CONTRARY to popular belief, rising petrol prices could be one of the reasons for - not against - record new-car sales, as buyers trade gas-guzzlers for fuel-efficient… Continue

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Product review: Carradice SQR Tour saddlebag

For nearly two years I’ve been commuting to work. In this time I’ve experimented with several different ways of carrying my stuff and have found none of them ideal. At first I had a mountain bike with panniers, but I found them too big, heavy and not suited for long rides. Then I moved onto a road bike and started carrying a small backpack. I only needed enough space for a change of clothes, my diary, lunch and some bike tools. This worked fairly well but I hated the way my backpack would leave… Continue

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New year, more riding

Happy New Year everyone! It's a little late I know.

I posted recently about my very inconsistent riding over the last few months and a motivation slump in trying to get back into it. This is over, 2008 sees me motivated to ride more and ride harder.

I've been riding every day, back doing intervals and have been walking around for the last few days with very sore legs, something I haven't felt for a while. When I'm riding a lot, a rainy day like today doesn't bother me, as… Continue

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Don't get fooled again

Here's a brief despatch from the southern climes.

Today saw the Jayco Bay Classic kick off in Williamstown, this weekend sees the third Amy's Ride in Geelong and the State Government has seen fit to usher in peak hour bicycle bans at delightfully short notice over the festive break.

If the Victorian governments spin doctors thought this one was going to announced 'drop the dead… Continue

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