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Blew up spinnning

After a few weeks of rain, sinusitis, rain, kids birthday parties and other family events, there was no escaping it: yesterday morning was Waterfall time.

All went well until somewhere between Brighton and Doll's Point, Lindsay cruised up beside me and called me Jan, as in Jan Ullrich - winner of an Olympic Gold media, five TDF 2nd places and other honours galore (and a drugs ban).

Anyone who has seen me ride (I am fat and slow and clean) knows that is a shocking misnomer. So I… Continue

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BikeSydney news - For those not on the mailing list

Check out on the BikeSydney web site all the latest BikeSydney news


*New items this week.

Park St bike lanes - Now you see them, now you don't And you can read out letter to Minister Watkins about their removal

*BikeSydney Submission to the Redfern Waterloo Authority.

They are proposing over 2000 car spaces for the North Eveleigh Rail Yards. Being close to rail, bus and cycle routes, the site provides a very strong basis for sustainable… Continue

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and now... ouch

I had a good weekend of riding. I decided to head back to Heffron park and try my hand at racing again. I haven't been there since last March. Just as I was getting into it a number of things happened in my life, moving, work, travel, new baby etc etc that stopped me from training with any sort of consistency and I didn't go back.

So for the last few weeks I've been thinking about heading back to Heffron and seeing if I can still do it, to see if I can finish with the group and not… Continue

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DHBC Saturday slowies

What a great way to start the weekend.

I finally got around to joining in with the DHBC saturday slowies ride on the weekend. Sure it was dark and freezing cold when i jumped on the bike to head on up illawarra to mick mazza's bike shop to meet the group but it was well worth it.

First one there (i'm usually early to most things) but it wasn't long before others arrived and the group was formed and ready for take off right on time.

We headed to the park at a… Continue

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My Monday Morning

So, inpired by the ride on saturday, i decided to get up an hour earlier and head to the park for a few laps on the ride to work.

Hit the road by 6am and and at the park by 6:30. A moderately paced 5 laps just to get the heart rate up and give the legs a little bit of a burn. Still just easing my way into it though, can feel the leg strength coming back and the lungs starting to work again.

Head on back to redfern and wait for the marrickville bike bus. Cruised on into… Continue

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Bike Parking in Japan

When will we see this here in Sydney

Added by Andrew on June 29, 2008 at 11:18pm — 2 Comments

New Environment Show - putting progressive city planning and peak oil experts on air to push the cause

The Environment Show is a strong advocate of cycling - due to the many benefits you guys already know about - health, climate, oil, congestion and making Sydney a better place to live. Where we can, we'll do our bit (to try to bring common sense to bare.)

We're putting to air an interview with Jan Gehl on city planning on 3rd July (this Thursday) and with experts on peak oil on the 10th July. You can listen to audio on-demand from our blog… Continue

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Biking in the Bible Belt

Friday afternoon again, so before the weekend another short film about bikes from BFF 2007.

Very interesting (and worth the 8 minutes of your Friday afternoon) documentary on biking in Tulsa Oklahoma (okay not Sydney, but give me a break).

Spot the storm drains problem, which I think Sydney shares with Tulsa.

Also includes one nasty bike-fall, at the 5min 25 s mark.:

Enjoy the weekend… Continue

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Critical Mass

So, todays the last friday of the month and that means the critical mass ride is on tonight.

I love the idea behind this, but am a little nervous to join in.

The idea of riding in a big pack, reclaiming the streets for cyclists sounds great and what a top way to end the week with a night time cruise amongst my fellow cyclists.

What make me nervous is the confrontational nature of the event. Getting in the way of drivers, who are just trying to get home after a… Continue

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Everyone wants a bit of 'bike culture'

Via http://www.cyclelicio.us/

Puma have released a series of films about bike culture. Check it out here :

Now I'm off to the puma shop to reduce my carbon footprint : )

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Thank you Mitchell Lawlor!

Your hilarious piece of satire in this morning's Herald made my day.

You managed to jam in every Daily Telegraph cliche into one letter, brilliantly done sir. This will do wonders by encouraging debate within the community (not mention lots of activity here) and get people talking about cycling. Cycling has its nutjobs, but letters like this show the backwards thinking… Continue

Added by DamianM on June 26, 2008 at 10:30am — 6 Comments

The other day

The other day I went for a walk, I got waves from walkers, abuse from drivers.
The other day I went for a jog, I got waves from joggers, abuse from drivers.
The other day I went for a cycle, I got waves from cyclists, abuse from drivers.
The other day I went for a drive, I got abuse from drivers.

Morning all, on my ride in this morning my mind started wandering - as it sometimes does - and I came up with the above. Enjoy your day, and this amazing weather.

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Marrickville Bike Bus

So this morning i thougtht i would try something that i have been thinking about for ages. I joined in with the marrickville bike bus for the commute, just to see what it was all about.

4 of us took off from illawarra rd at about 7 and away we went at a very cruisy pace. Admittedly, after yesterdays "i am lance armstrong" effort up the hill, i was glad to be in a pack that were not in a rush and were avoiding all the big hills.

As we head into newtown we pick up a couple… Continue

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As someone who struggles to do a track stand, this blows me away.

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What a way to start the day!!

So, last week, inspired by this site, i posted the fact that i was going to get my butt back in the saddle and start riding to work.

Well i did it and all i can say is WOW!!

Sun barely over the horizon, long shadows annoucing its arrival. Crisp, clean(ish) air. New winter kit ready for its first ride, bag packed with the uniform of the damned (business attire) and i'm away.

A rapid fire 6km's from the marra to the city.

I take it nice and easy as this… Continue

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Pedal Powered Tennis - Ball Launcher

"Does what it says on the tin". Genius.

Pedal Powered Tennis - Ball Launcher - Funny bloopers R… Continue

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cycling is fun, cheer up

After DamienM's rant about the entries (i agree, I really don't care how much petrol costs), I thought it worth following up - cycling is fun.

From the 2007 BFF, this film opened the session we went to. Called "Kiest Park", this short (5 minutes, it won't kill you) is just a reminder of what it was like to have a bike as a kid.

More to…

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Interesting article in the NY times about FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER

An Olympic Cyclist’s Levelheaded Advice

Advice even for those of us who are not elite athletes and those like me who avoid hills when ever I can.


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cycyling for sport

Now that i'm all motivated and ready to get back on my bike and do the daily commute, I was toying with the idea of getting into riding as a sport.

I have an OCR-2 which from what i have read is a pretty good entry level road bike and have often thought about giving road racing ago.

I live in marrickville and so the tempe velodrome is but 5 minutes down the road. During my rugby days i was a flanker and so acceleration has always been my strongest asset (endurance was… Continue

Added by T6079 on June 20, 2008 at 4:37pm — 3 Comments

If it makes you happy....

then why are you so sad ?

When Sheryl Crow sang that, she wasn't talking about cycling, but it strikes me as oddly relevant lately.

The idea of this site was originally to discuss cycling in Sydney, lately we're spending more time on petrol prices, poorly thought out or executed infrastructure, and complaining about cars, the NRMA and politicians.

I realise that these things are all current issues, and do affect our lives, but does cycling suck that much that we… Continue

Added by DamianM on June 19, 2008 at 11:43pm — 24 Comments

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