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That is a very weak lock

"You should have a lock like this" Suggested Nichole my host and guide in Dusseldorf as she produced something that looked like it would be good to shackle an elephant. Only the crummiest bikes seemed to be locked on open bike stands and many of them still held the picked over carcasses of bicycles abandoned to fate.

The day before I had ridden through 20kms of…


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I just have to share this...


I was riding across Sydney this morning (as part of a reconnoitrer for our City Ride/Spring Cycle) and happily used the Kent Street cycleway and turned on to King Street on my way to Pyrmont.  At the cycleway intersection at the bottom of King I pulled alongside another cyclist on a lime green mountain bike (everything was painted green including the wheels!).  The fellow had white locks coming our from under his helmet and I estimated him to be in his late 60’s early…


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Eight Long Weeks

Eight weeks ago I woke up, jumped out of bed, and almost collapsed on the floor. Overnight my right knee had swollen. It could handle a little weight but not much. A trip to a Physio, the first of many, identify the problem as a slight tear of the meniscus.  Apparently this is a common cycling injury. But more worryingly, my knee mechanics were all out of alignment. Slowly we started retraining and strengthening both of my knees.…


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There's no such thing as bad weather...

…only the wrong shoes, as I found out today. Decked out in head to toe GoreTex, I braved Sydney’s wettest seventy-two hours for sixty-nine years to cycle into the city to meet someone. (I do love the way the SMH manages to find some sort of…


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Wollongong weekend.

Just got back from my mum & daughter weekend in Wollongong, first time I have ever visited it. In spite of the inclement weather, we managed to pack in a slow, two hour ride north, towards Ocean Park. What a lovely ride- all next to the sea and the beaches, all on bike paths, so safe for the family. I would like to return in summer and dive in for a swim somewhere along…


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2011 Tour Long Malagan - Multi Day Road Race - Papua New Guinea (New Ireland Province)

Photos here


On the June 2011 Queen's birthday long weekend I was lucky enough to participate in this inaugural event in Papua New Guinea.


I boxed my old 2009 Giant Defy One (Tiagra) road bike (didn't have my new 2011 Merida Scultura Evo Julett Ultegra bike at this stage) and wished my bike good luck on it's journey from Sydney to Cairns, Cairns to…


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Where in the world is my bike? (9/7/11)

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Winter School Hols, family ride

Now that it's school hols, had a great little ride with the kids and a friend from Galston from Newington Armoury out to Haslams Lookout on Hills Road. Apart from the M7 & Windsor Road, this is the only flat riding area I know of in Sydney!…


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Mudguards, bent noodles and timpani…

At the weekend I was playing in a concert with the Lane Cove Concert Band. There was quite a lot of logistical effort involved, as I had managed to secure the use of a set of timpani (kettledrums) for the concert, but they had to be transported across Sydney to the concert venue.

Before you get too excited, dear reader, no, I did not therefore load them up onto the bike…


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Spinnin' spokes and tellin' jokes.

Garry I was in the workshop looking at a very sorry bunch of corroded old spokes and I could hear your voice (strange, as I've never heard your voice :) in my head saying "don't use the old spoooookess..." Yeah, you're also a ghost in my head.

Anyway I found some 27" spokes on ebay... not entirely cheap but $20 per wheel. I'm committed to making this more of a…


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Just got back from a nice bit of circuit at Dural Curves. I rode my mtb there and back, and bombed down (and up) two kickass little hills on my gnarly little secret firetrail which runs parallel to Galston road! Can feel myself getting fitter (and hopefully lighter!?) I couldn't resist this kids T shirt I bought- the hilarious graphic really sums up how I see my riding right… Continue

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