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Onwards and upwards

Earlier this year, I managed to do the following trip.  It had already suffered 2 postponements last year due to my undergoing some surgery and house painting taking longer than expected.  The following is an edited version of the trip blog that I did for the Geriatrics Play Group that I ride with in Newcastle.


Well, at long last I've started the trip.  I…


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Creative cyclists

Hello Sydney Cyclist.

My name is David and this is my first post. I am keen to know if there are any artists and performers amongst this community who are interested in exhibiting and or performing at two events which are both part of the Sydney Rides Festival (October 11-25). The events are Cycle-O-Rama and Pedalia.

That's it for now. Let me know if you are interested or would like more information.


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On the road back!

Anyone who read this will know I had a prang not so long ago and copped at least 4 broken ribs and wrote off a helmet. Well I have gone back to work - they were snowed under while I was away. I am getting back into the swing of things and hopefully will get on top of things by the end of the week. 

I was told I would have at least 6…


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The fixie is back!

Do you remember this? Several months ago, the front forks on my fixie started buckling in a most alarming fashion. Veteran SydneyCyclists may also remember…


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Lux and Lumens and bike lights

Lux: a measurement of light taking area into account.

Lumens: total amount of light emitted from a source.

A 1000 lumen light source over directed over 1msq is 1000lux.

A 1000 lumen light source over 10msq is 100lux.

lux (with almost all bike lights) measured on the ground falls off with distance as the light spreads.

As a photographer using artifical lighting you understand light fall-off, the inverse square law, feathering.

most bike…


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Cycling on holidays

I'm currently on holidays in Europe. Just came back from a bike ride on the streets of Berlin. I just have to write down here that I have never felt so safe riding a bike as I have in Berlin! 

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They were so far ahead of their times in WW2

This was taken at Duxford RAF Museum near Cambridge UK.

Added by Dabba on August 9, 2014 at 10:34am — 6 Comments

Where in the world is my bike?

The first correct answer wins a child.

Added by Mark Lambert on August 8, 2014 at 9:47pm — 11 Comments

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