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Tractor goes-a-touring

I recently rode a charity ride from Taronga Zoo, Sydney, to Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo over 3 days in October (read more here).


After resting in Dubbo overnight I rode off on my own personal cycling tour from Dubbo to Canberra. It was a small "t" tour, staying in motels and buying my food along the way.



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Tractor time again - zoo2zoo Sydney to Dubbo 2011

Zoo2Zoo 2011 Sydney to Dubbo (14-16 Oct 2011)

Day 1: Taronga Zoo to Mt Victoria via Richmond and Springwood (about 165 km).


109 riders started at about 6.00 am from Taronga Zoo and headed off through northern Sydney to Windsor and Richmond. It was to be a long(ish) wet day on the road.

We started in 9 groups with the intention of staying together in those groups for the day. Groups 1 & 2 were designated…


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the back door crossing



In all of traffic engineering ( and snow skiing I might add ) there is a simple concept that you shouldn't have to give way to anything that is coming from behind you. Changing lanes on the motorway can be harrowing but in a car you do have a mirror; and a quick look over your shoulder to check your blind spot is always a good idea. However as a cyclists on an off-road path there is a situation where you DO have to give way to traffic coming from behind, I call it the 'back…


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Where to find bunch rides around Brighton Le Sands

Hi all, I'm coming to Sydney for a week in December and will be based at the Novotel at Brighton Le Sands.  Can you tell me of any regular bike rides (during the week and w/ends) in the area?  I stayed here last year and on the Sunday saw large groups of riders pass by heading towards the airport and groups going in the opposite direction as well.  I am of a good standard of fitness and looking for anything up to 100km ride.






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Being a bit harsh on myself does help

Third day I rolled between home and work within walking distance. I suddenly feel smarter already - I changed my choice of street from what I usually walk on to one that has less traffic, and all of a sudden this sense of awareness and "route detection" clicked into my head. Now when I see a street I naturally evaluate how cycling friendly it is for my level of comfort.


Today I also pushed myself mentally to pedal up an up slope when I was heading home. I was struggling to…


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More Nice bike tales

At the end of day one on a bike, I was hoping to find a better route than the 4 laner I'd taken on the way up. Fine for lunchtime, but not great from 4.30pm until past 7. If you need a hand, grab the first bike rider you can. Mine turned out to be a Canadian, so that made 3 Anglo helpers for the day. Do French people ride? I assume the lady with the stunning black leather bags on the stupendous Peugeot mixte was French. Mixtes just look so stylish, especially with the flat bars that wrap around… Continue

Added by Edward Re on October 25, 2011 at 7:07am — 2 Comments

Getting there!

I've been chipping in 10-15 minutes worth of small practices here and there throughout my last week during my study. I manage to improve little by little everytime, and today is my first day attempting at riding to work, which is also in Annandale within walkable distance, so it's only a short ride, but provides a feasible practice.


I still stagger a lot and when I have to use more force on the pedals with up slopes, I still lose my balance easily. I do find it easier to…


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The bikes can do it, your legs can do it, now all that's needed are the cycleways.

Not content with already having the world's best cycling infrastructure, the Dutch are building high speed bike commuting corridors, as well as making an attempt on the pedalling land speed record.

Added by Richard Tulloch on October 22, 2011 at 8:24am — 7 Comments

Re learning biking in a new land

OK, we finally arrived in Nice to live for 3 years. The boss, and the next boss up, both kept giving instructions on how to get a car, and I kept insisting that we  were not going to get one. How will you get to work then? Well, this is Europe, so of course going car free and using a bike will be easy, I kept telling them. I'd heard a podcast of a guy who lives in Los Angeles and even then, went car free. Needless to say, this was putting my complete lack of knowledge against their  local…


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re the idiot

rolled into work monday located said idiot just in time to hear him telling a couple of apprentices about how he gave a bloke on a bike a hard time, i call all three of them into the office and did my fortune teller bit, as in this is your future if you behave in this manner and then encourage others to do the same , being ex navy i have rather a salty turn of phrase, 

message received, idiot and apprentices now hopefully wiser,idiot on a warning

all our people have had a wake…


Added by Mike Meercat on October 19, 2011 at 9:00pm — 3 Comments

CYCLING THAILAND - floody good fun

Thai people are suffering from disastrous floods at the moment, but on our little cycle trip out of Phuket they were just an inconvenience, and to be honest, quite enjoyable too. For more, see: http://richardtulloch.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/cycling-thailand-floody-good-fun/

We… Continue

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A kind warning

This happened on the day I bought my bike. I live in a studio apartment with an open car park where I initially left my bike locked to a pillar. After finishing my dinner I decided to mess with it, then I found a note stuck on the frame suggesting me not to leave the bike there, for the writer of the note has had his bike stolen twice there, even with the lock. I took the advice and now awkwardly carry my bike up and down the stairs between my room and outside. 


I would have…


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Spring Cycle

It was my first spring cycle, so in my excitement I was earlly. That turned out to be a good thing because after the first wave of fast riders left they called all the intermediate riders and I got off at just before 7 am.

Riding over the Harbour bridge was a bit of a let down for me, as in my recumbent I couldn't see a thing of the Harbour - the guide plank was at eye height. Instead I noticed a rich harvest of sports drink bottles rolling over the asphalt, presumably the result of them… Continue

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Where in the world is my bike? 16/10/11

A very easy one for everyone, more to share the photo and start a bit of a conversation about why I ended up being there, and ask anybody who was also there "did you enjoy the day?"… Continue

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Practice Day 2

Only 15 minutes spent and I'm surprised to realised that, even without significant improvement on my bike balancing, I still broke a lot of sweat under a cool rainy weather today in Annandale. It felt like quite a work out even though I haven't managed to successfully ride it yet.

I'm still having trouble maintaining a straight line - I kept steering to one side without meaning to, and then lose my balance. The car park under my apartment has a light slope that I practiced to slide… Continue

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A spill

On Sunday I went to RNP for some riding, preparing for the Sydney to Gong ride. I picked a nice route on bikely whch starts at Audley weir, going south via Lady Carrington drive and the back north on Sir Betram Stevens drive. 

I had never been to Lady Carrington drive so I was surprised that it was more of a track than a drive. I wonder what Lady Carrington had thought of it. This one is more for MTBs than normal bikes. I made it through on my trike but it took me over an hour. At the…


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Oops, I did it again. Part 2: The tour

My wife loves planning cycle tours. I don't. But I do like riding them. I indulge, even encourage, her fantasies because she has often designed superb trips in out-of-the-way places on near-deserted roads amid fabulous scenery in both Australia and overseas.


Over the years, cycle-touring has changed for us. In the time BC (before children), we had toured on solo bikes for months…


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Tractor time - Zoo2Zoo hits the dirt

A few weeks ago I participated in the inaugural Canberra to Mogo Zoo2Zoo ride. The ride was, not surprisingly, from Canberra Zoo to Mogo Zoo. We covered almost 200 km over two days (17-18 Sept) mostly on dirt roads or single track. A small group of 13 riders participated this time. 


I rode my tractor. The tractor is a Salsa Fargo - a drop bar, rigid 29er. I stripped the racks and excess bottle cages off the tractor and swapped the skinny tyres (40mm) for the fat 29ers (55mm).…


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Where in the world is my bike? 8/10/11

Hi Everyone, 

Went for a ride with some friends this morning, and finally got another WITWIMB for you. And BTW Sorry for taking so long to do another one. Let the guessing begin!!


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Toddler Dan's first ride!

I finally got around to doing something I’d been meaning to do for months – get a child seat so I can take Toddler Dan with me on the bike. What finally prompted me to get it was necessity; it seems with the various schedules for Mrs Dan, Baby Dan II and Toddler Dan I was going to need a way to get Toddler Dan to her oh-so-middle-class-structured-playgroup thing without using the…


Added by Dan on October 8, 2011 at 8:25pm — 7 Comments

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