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Sydney to the Gong 08: Happy sad

It was a major disappointment that somone passed away during this year's Sydney to Gong, but it would seem he was doing something he loved.

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Steel and bronze steeds

Scone - the home of thoroughbreds

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On Special

Bottecchia Adult City Living 730M Male Bike !

"European chic transport at it's [sic] best. City living bikes are perfect for the ride to the local caf or park, featuring Shimano gear sets and comes complete with stand, lights, mudguards and racks. Freight cost includes the assembly fee. 2 sizes available.

103,175 Altitude points

Yep, that's all the Europeans do with their "chic" bikes -- ride to the local park or caf… Continue

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I recently came across this campaign for Absolut vodka:

It's all a bit bizarre, and finished some time ago. They invented a nerdy Swede called Sven (!) who proposed a bunch of free loan bicycle dispensers throughout Sydney.

I'm guessing the campaign wasn't super-successful, as I only just found out about it, and their petition only has 300-odd… Continue

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Rider down

(Image: Daily Telegraph)

Via ABC Online.

Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber has been airlifted to hospital in Hobart after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle in his own charity event in Tasmania. Webber was taken to Royal Hobart Hospital by helicopter from Fortescue Bay on the Tasman…

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Imagine a new vehicle that emits no emissions

The Federal government has given the Australian car industry hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a "green" car. One that still uses petrol, but a slightly reduced amount.

Still on the green theme, the Federal government is also subsidising individual home owners $8000 to install solar panels on their roofs.

In the quest to develop the elusive green vehicle, the government has forgotten that we already have one... the bicycle.

Imagine if… Continue

Added by Lzzter on November 20, 2008 at 7:30pm — 13 Comments

1 in a 100 makes a huge difference for cyclists

I'm just reading some cool stuff about Portland Oregon. (momentum magazine)

'In some progressive cycle-savvy cities, bicycles are starting to become big business, and they are beginning to have a visible effect on the built environment and the way we shape our cities.

Portland has been a pro -bicycle city since 1971 when Oregon created the bicycle bill which proposed to set aside 1% of the state's highway funds for bicycle and pedestrian development. Since then, it has… Continue

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Awareness Test

I had heard about this test from a lecture Dr Karl (hero) gave at the University of Sydney earlier this year. It looks like someone has adapted it well. The related newspaper article comes from the (left leaning) UK Guardian but I highly recommend watching the video first. By the way, Bicycle Film Festival was great… Continue

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Speed Limits

In July, 2008, the On Your Bike Active Transport conference held at Homebush Bay identified road speed limits as the number #1 issue inhibiting bicycle usage in New South Wales.

Urban speed limits in New South Wales are very high by international standards. Major suburban roads currently have a speed limit of 60km/h. In Melbourne it is 50km/h. Some states in the USA have a default limit of 25mph (40km/h). In Germany, despite the autobahn having unlimited… Continue

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A great start to the week

I woke up a 4am and thought to myself "I'll just rest here and wait for the alarm to go off". Well, at 5:30am I realized that the alarm was not going to go off. Out of bed I jumped, 1 hour late. Got dressed in the spandex. No time for breakfast today. I was on my bike within 10 minutes. I knew this morning was going to be a fast ride - Mondays usually are. So I set off towards Blacktown. 8 minutes later I was on my way to Seven Hills. It was almost 6am when I hit the M2 - I'm usually at the… Continue

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Cheeky Picnic

Well, what an amazing day. Every year we look forward to the Cheeky Christmas Picnic and once again it didn't disappoint.

We met at the shop for a leisurely ride down to the park. It was fantastic to ride in a really friendly group with all different types of bikes and riders (especially slow ones like me!). Adam even took Sol and Miles in the cargo bike - a definite highlight for Miles!

We set up at the park for the most amazing veggie food (thanks Fiona and Paul), beer,… Continue

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Bike built for show

These are photos taken at the Bright Rod Run earlier this month (stolen off the internet) of a bike that won its class.

What do you think?

Added by Mark on November 16, 2008 at 6:35am — 1 Comment

Bikes Rock!

Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who organised the BFF Bikes Rock last night - I had a really lovely time. It was fun to meet more people that I have seen riding around or people from this site. It also was so great to see such a wide variety of people - it was a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the Tofu burgers lived up to their awesome reputation and winning at the beer raffle was also a plus;)

Here are some photos for those who couldn't make it or who might… Continue

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What cyclists' want...

The whole bike lane debate is often a Shibboleth in the cycling community. I thought this Yehuda Moon comic strip puts a really nice spin on what cyclists want.

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A week in the country

Last time I was in Jingellic was 35 years ago on a honeymoon drive around the Alps. This time my wife was away meeting my daughter in Paris after she had finished a stint with MSF in Sudan. So I thought I would take the chance to do a week's cycle touring and visit Jingellic once again. Also a chance to visit Tumbarumba, which is supposed to be a pretty town with some interesting scenery, and where a cycling rail-trail is being considered.

If you dont know it, Jingellic is a tiny… Continue

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Someone stole my Freakin' mudguard!!! :-(


…it was either while I was at the gym, or at soccer --- who does that!?

Was just taking photos for my Sydney Cyclist page (finally) …and noticed – and it looked really cool too, so am a little sad to upload the pic without it 

Looking forward to the Bikes Rock do tonight though – and hanging out in my oh so trendy bike wear! :P LOL

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April 1st jokes for cyclists

I just found this. Even though it isn't April 1st, I found them so funny I had to share them.

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I've just spent the last few days in hospital after having a bicycle accident on the Epping Rd Bike Path. I got home today and thought I should post a warning to everyone on Sydney Cyclist.

I was travelling North-West on the Epping Rd Bike Path approaching the corner of Centennial Ave and Epping Rd. As you can see from the picture, there is a telegraph pole on both sides of the path leaving a narrow (but usually adequate) area to ride between. There were really strong winds the… Continue

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Dear Santa.....

My sister, Tilly and I have been very good this year and we were thinking.... Monkey Adam has this cool bike, we saw it when we went to the photography exhibition at Cheeky...... We think Dad would really love riding us around, even though he says that he doesn't need any new bikes..... if you could convince him otherwise that'd be great!

Your friend



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I've been battling to paint consistently this year, let alone ride. After I got back from seeing my sister in Vancouver, and my youngest's first day of Kindy, I suffered a major creative block , and hated everything I made. All in all I've felt rather alone this year, but finally got some answers recently through doing the ARTsmart course in Parramatta. Instead of not painting, that's the very thing I need to do. Instead of not riding, that's the very thing I need to do. Other answers simply… Continue

Added by Susanna Mills on November 6, 2008 at 9:50pm — 2 Comments

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