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PaulineWebberInk does the Great Vic

PaulineWebberInk does the Great Vic


The rain set in at 7am. Hopes of breathtaking views from the mountaintop and a super ride across the unsealed GRR were dashed.

A few chose the quick route down the highway 20km to TRARALGON. For all but the fittest athletes, the day was one tough mother. The rain poured, the cold bit. The hill was the least of everyone's worries. Sag wagons were filled and refilled -… Continue

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Blue Mountain Bikes

There's a new bike rental and cafe opening up in Woodford in a place that seems nothing short of perfect for it. It's located right across from the Woodford train station so it's really easy to get there from anywhere in the Sydney and Blue Mountains area. Whether you're a traveler looking to get some great riding in, or an enthusiastic cycling local that wants to tear up the Blue Mountain trails, it's definitely a place worth stopping by. With trail maps and spare bits and pieces to help…


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PaulineWebberInk does the Great Vic


Mild day and long easy stretch to lunch at Lake Glenmaggie. Though it's easy going, I am tired today. My NBL* today is about 55km - could be these tight niks. Strangely enough, my most comfy pair are a super-cheap budget line. Maybe I have a budget-line bum...

I've spent a great deal of time reading the backs of shirts. My favourite is Fitzroy High School - a nice combination of yellow, black and magenta, it reads "Burning calories not fuel".…


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PaulineWebberInk does the Great Vic


When you spend six hours a day on a blazing strip of bitumen, you quickly come to appreciate trees and grass, shade and water.

These are our luxury each day - to find a shady spot with little breeze and something soft to sit on.

Left town and again straight into a hilly run. I found form late morning, getting a whole long stretch at a steady 22km. I'm mastering my gear combinations and doing a slightly better hourly speed.

Through market…


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PaulineWebberInk does the Great Vic


Day one dawned calm and clear, a contrast to last year when a monumental storm left 200 school kids in 2 metres of water. Barely out of Lakes Entrance we faced first hill but Malvern handled herself well. Gear changes were like a knife through butter. Rolling hills through pretty farming country to the beautiful lakeside town of Metong. Good coffee and a chance to share my salad roll with the black swans. Temperature soared and the hills either got…


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PaulineWebberInk does the Great Vic

Malvern has had a full makeover - new grips, pedals, tyres. Full detailed service and check (thanks Nathaneal @ Town Bike Pitstop). Riding home today I felt as if I was on a nifty new tourer. I'm sure that feeling will fade with the first serious hill, but it's good to know we're good to go.

Lakes Entrance Friday night. Ride off Saturday morning.

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101 kilometres...

Last weekend, out on an easy ride without any goal in mind, I ended up at Brighton Beach, and so yesterday after a quick googlemap, I decided to head down to Cronulla, the National Park there, and back. I didn't actually work out the distance, I just noted there was a bike path all the way! I was expecting to be home in 60km... but still, I'm quite chuffed to have completed my first 100km+ ride, despite it being pretty much as flat as Sydney can possibly be all the way.



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Riding to Ryde @ night time

1. Riding @ night time is the best. It's cool, nice breeze, and I have the cycleway/road all to myself :D

2. Being able to ride my bike wearing my favourite dress is great :)

3. Epping Road is pretty hilly. I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to get there and back home :)…


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PaulineWebberInk Does the Great Vic - Post 2

Less than two weeks to go to the start of the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride. My training has revealed a radical concept - in order to be fit and energised, I need to eat less.

Less food, better quality, healthier.

The harder I work, the more my body calls for the best fuel I can give it. So I've taken a couple of days out to get the system sorted. No junk, no meat, no grog, loads of veges, some fruit, lots of grains.

As I was reminded by a Bike Vic colleague last week,…


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Where In The World Was My Bike?

Beam me up `Bad Black` was somewhere in Australia. It was somewhere higher than sea level.

I think that might be a miniature cannon.  :)

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Cycling San Francisco style

I am currently in San Francisco, and whilst I’ve unfortunately been too busy to do any cycling I have been impressed with the number of cyclists, and also the facilities for them.

People so often say that Sydney is ‘too hilly, too spread out and too hot’ for cycling to be a mainstream form of travel. Well, as far as I can see SF is also all of those things – but there’s a lot of people…


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MS Gong Ride 2012

Well, it's all done and dusted. First Gong ride over. Some sunburn, a little cramp but overall fairly happy.


Some photos for you.

At the start line:

Loftus Oval Rest Stop:…


Added by Mike Stuart on November 4, 2012 at 3:37pm — 6 Comments

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