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Decathlon is recruiting bikers

Hi all

We have just begun our journey in Australia, and our first step will be the opening of our first sport warehouse in Tempe Sydney which covers 3500sqm and 70+ sports under one roof!

 Across the world, we are very active and involved with the local communities around our stores. This is what we love to do as we want people to enjoy sport, something that is common to both you and us.



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Ride and Fly

You may remember some time ago I impulse purchased a luggage trailer. My initial review was not 100% favourable, and to be honest since then it’s pretty much stayed in the garage unused.

However, the other day I had to go…


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Bike share in Shanghai

I had to visit Shanghai recently, and was amazed by the number of bike share bikes there were everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The system there does not rely on the docking stations more common elsewhere, but rather the bikes can be picked up and left anywhere, meaning there are bikes scattered all over the place. You literally can’t walk more than a few metres without…


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As you may remember, over the New Year period we went to the UK, and had a very successful experience with a …


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Teaching kids how bikes work...

With the junior Dans now at school, we have the joy of school readers. Books they bring home to read to us – full of the joy of them learning to read, and the crushing monotony of the repetitive sentences.

The other day, one of the juniors brought home this one – ‘How does my bike work?’. This book I of course approved of. Nothing like some good early education…


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I can ride!

My youngest daughter has, for many years, been an absolute natural on a balance bike. Since she was two years old she’s been scooting along, balancing with ease and maneuvering like a pro. However, the transition to a bike with pedals has taken longer than expected. Despite the fact that she can scoot along on a tiny balance bike (long outgrown), lift up her feet and pretend to pedal, for…


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Adventures on the Old Great North Road

Wyong to Windsor via the Old Great North Rd

11-12 April 2017

I planned a simple overnight ride through some of my favourite riding country west of Wyong. The plan was to catch a morning train to Wyong and ride west through the Yarramalong Valley, enjoy an early…


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One thousand electric kilometres

A small thing, but Mrs Dan's electric bike ticked over to a thousand kilometres the other day. I was able to capture the event on video, for your viewing pleasure.

This was on the same day that I had to replace the front brake pads – so I can tell you that pads last for exactly 1000km.

And it was also the day…


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Not so whitewall tyres

I finally had to put new tyres on the Radish. The old ones were getting extremely worn; to the point they were completely smooth and starting to bulge. Riding it was very peculiar; the tyres were so squishy the bike handling was very odd, especially around corners. They were the ones that came with the bike, so have done a lot of km over the past seven years or…


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Another close pass. Sigh.

You may remember a while ago I took some footage of a car passing very close to the cops. The reaction was surprisingly positive, you may recall. Well, it happened again the other day. So I thought I would take it in as well, and also take the opportunity to find out what had happened to…


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Another one...

Most days, I ride to and from work along Burns Bay Road. On the upper section through Lane Cove, I probably get at least one motorist a day who comes closer than 1m. It has a 50km/h limit; it's marked with signs for caution due to pedestrian activity, and has a number of pedestrian refuges along its length. It should be a good road for cycling, but the unfortunate 'door-zone' markings make is much more dangerous than it should be.

(As an aside, there's plenty of room for separated…


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Freak storm

Sydney's Inner West is usually a quiet kind of place. Little happens to disturb the sounds of single-origin lattes being brewed in hipster cafes, and kids being driven to school in urban tractors.

However, yesterday there was a Big Storm. Freak winds hit this otherwise quietly complacent patch of inner-city gentrification, bringing down trees and damaging buildings. Those freak winds probably lasted for no more than fifteen minutes, but it was quite exciting whilst it…


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Bike on bike nut job

It  sometimes happens that I end up with two bikes at work. Some inequality in rides too and from caused by side trips, lifts, taxis and business trips conspire to create this imbalance. For the most part I just wait it out, and it usually corrects itself, but the situation had been going on for weeks, and didn’t seem to be resolving.

So I went with the rather unwieldy option of…


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Tagalongs, kids and cold weather

The Dan family recently went on holiday to the UK, which was nice. And also very cold. I didn’t get to do much riding at all, but there was one small highlight when we stayed at CenterParcs for a few days (as a kind of respite from relentless family reunions…!).…


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trailers that carry 10-20 bicycles

I am interested in hiring a bicycle trailer that will carry 10-20 bicycles for a trip where riders are travelling by train and their bikes need to be transported to and from. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas etc

Tony O'Brien

Added by TONY O'BRIEN on January 23, 2017 at 4:27pm — 5 Comments

WITWIMB? And a December 25 whinge.

Eagle-eyed readers will have immediately noticed something unusual about the picture above.

Yes, those are "cycling" socks but those are not (proper) cycling shoes. Of course, they can be used for cycling, and even occasionally are on my commuter bike with toe clips, but their primary purpose is for…


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Wearing out

It’s Terrific Tuesday! Time for our dose of cycling good news and upbeat blogging. And today’s theme is – things wearing out.

‘But how is that good news?’ I hear you cry. Well, because it pleases me. I have had a bunch of things wear out just recently:

  • the front rim on the fixie
  • the rear tyre on the fixie
  • the bottom bracket on the Radish
  • the cleats…

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City cycling without ID

It’s Positive Tuesday again. Eagle-eyed readers will note that I’ve exceeded the initial promise to do six good news stories, but I figured that pushing on can’t be a bad thing. Apart from anything else it improves my mood, even if you are getting sick of the relentless positivity.

And there’s two…


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A cycling suburb

I recently had to go to Manly for a meeting, so rode my bike into the city to catch the ferry. This is really a great way to start the morning – a ride, followed by a harbour cruise. Taking bikes on the ferry is very easy; access is flat or via ramps, there are wide gates and plenty of room, and bikes are welcome on Sydney ferries. The Manly ferry has dedicated bike storage…


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