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The search for the "beautiful bicycle"

I’ve worn out my old bike and it’s time for a new one, but what to buy?

In May in Paris I bought a department store bike for €139 to get around (basket, rack and dynamo front light included!). I sold it for £50 three weeks later, so it was cheaper than a rental, and I didn’t stand out as a tourist. What a wonderful experience to ride a Euro bike – so comfortable and easy. This is a picture of my bike visiting the Luxumberg Palace Gardens in Paris.…


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Gotta love folding bikes!

Had to pop in to kmart for one quick item. Wheeled my bike in to the shopping centre - why not, everyone else is wheeling shopping trolleys. Tried to wheel it past the kmart door guy.

"you can't bring that in here".

"ok, I'll lock it to the railing next to you here, then".

"no, bikes shouldn't be in the centre at all".

"how about I fold it up and put it in a trolley?"

"ok" (in an "as if" tone)

Twist, click, clack, flick, push, click. Lift into nearby… Continue

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Burn Carbs not Hydrocarbs! - on Thursday at 6:15pm

Anyone in your office/network/street considering making the shift to bike, whether for commuting, touring or getting around and in need of a boost to help?

Please let them know.



"Burn Carbs Not Hydrocarbs" - Bicycle Commuting for a Greener, Saner Sydney

Thursday 6.15-7.30pm, Clarence St Cyclery, 104 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000

Guest speakers from Bicycle NSW, The Bike Bus, BIKEast and Bike Friday talk bike-to-work… Continue

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Parliament: cycling question from Fred Nile

Thanks to Sam and others who wrote letters to the Minister for Roads. It seems Roozendaal has finally learned his lines properly this time , after his foolish comment in the media last Friday that groups of cyclists shouldn't be on the road in peak hour. This is from Hansard on 13 May, during questions without notice.



Page: 26

Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE: I ask the Minister for Roads a question without notice. Is the Minister aware… Continue

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Wanted: old ski poles (yes, it's about bikes!)

Rummage your attics and garages, and those of your friends. We need old ski poles to make bicycle polo mallets. The aim is to be able to run bicycle polo championships by the end of the year. Search far and wide...

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Bicycle Film Festival

I hope you were all able to enjoy some of the festivities over the last weekend - from the Bespoke Art Exhibition Opening on Wednesday, BikesRock! Party on Thursday, film screenings on Friday and Saturday and the fabulous Cheeky picnic on Sunday, everyone said they had a great time.

What feedback do you have on the Bicycle Film Festival? What should be done differently? What more could we do? What ideas do you have for next year? Are there other potential sponsors we should…


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