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Riding without Chamois

AKA my mish-mash blog of my Ebike  

I acquired a Gazelle FUENTE EM on 30.Aug


I added my dusty panniers that had been sitting in the garage for possibly the last 3 years and Monkey lights (thanks Rob!)

Pretty peeved there wasn't enough seatpost showing to attach the Fly6 and that Fly6 doesn't have a attachment for 'real' commuters with racks. Weird, ugly workaround in use for now.

First Ride…


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Hooray! Ive got one!

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Ramblings of the few assorted rides, Paris, Singapore


And so it came to pass, a week away to Paris.

Walking around an average of 10km a day in the City of Light to attempt to reduce the effects of awesome raw-milk cheeses available there...  mmhmm 24 month old Comté  (raw-milk cheese are illegal to produce in Australia, naturally... ) 

Travelling with 12, 9 and 6 year old and with shopping bags,  the Metro (a station every 4 blocks? ) proved a great…


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Adventures of the Enlightened Cyclist

Aka : Bad choices.

It’s another Friday and the eastern footpath up Burns Bay Road is still closed off.

And the Western footpath will be scattered with vicious bins marking their territory.

What does our brave and dauntless heroic commuter do ?

He thinks hard for an alternative and suddenly it strikes him. - Mt Wannahockaloogie!

Yes, memories of the evil 15% climb along Riverview St which had him reduced to using the 24” gear a year or more…


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adding Strava to a commute.

Beautiful day for a commute yesterday.

On the back of my mind was the portions of climbs sectors on Strava that shows me in the bottom %.

So I decided to 'attack' some of these sectors on my commute to raise my dismal numbers. 

Particularly, I was  looking at 3 sections : Brent St(called Gipps for some reason on Strava) , leadup to and over the top of Gladesville Br (…


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2012 and beyond

It hasn't been the best start for 2012 for me.

Commuting to work has been curtailed with a painful episode of gout early last week - right when the weather was starting to look beautiful too!

I'm not fully recovered but the swelling has subsided to the point where I managed to squeeze my foot into my cycling shoes and get in a ride in today, looking and feeling great on the bike, until I get off and limp around.

So staying healthy is right up there for my wishes and…


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A tale of: a first commute from Canterbury to Chatswood.

It’s been a while since I joined  this site, got a modern day road bike  ( STI levers! wow! , SPD clipless system  Wow ! A bike supposedly lighter than 9kgs ! Wow ! ) and after a few rides and familiarising myself with the clipless, and probably infected by various posts on SydneyCyclist, I entertained the idea of commuting to work.


Previously, the very most I’ve done commuting wise was from Sydney Park, along Mitchell Road to Redfern station just so that I don’t have to change… Continue

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