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DHBC Open Day

Want to hang with cool riders in the Inner West?
Want to check out track racing?
Want to learn how to change a tube?
All this and more at the DHBC Open Day on September 25th. Full details in the Events Tab, or on Facebook at

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Shaken to bits on Cape Solander

Had a lovely ride today, from Marrickville to Kurnell and then on to Cape Solander, a 2.7km trip through the national park just beyond the suburb of Kurnell.

The first km or so is a lovely cruise up a small hill and through some very shady groves of… Continue

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Bike paths that just



I went for a nice ride today, from the inner west to Landsdowne park, then along the bike path that follows Prospect Creek until it just .... stops.

Later on, I followed a path that was signposted as heading towards Granville. It stopped, on a street, in the middle of somewhere near Guildford, without a single signpost in any direction.

This silliness spoiled an otherwise delightful ride. The Landsdowne Park/Prospect Creek part was… Continue

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No good deed goes unrewarded ...

My Dad is a fit 68 year old who has just rediscovered cycling. Most days he does a pretty punishing ride from Bondi to Watson's Bay and back, pushing a big gear up the hills!

Anyway ... the other day he was driving home when he saw a couple of cyclists in front of him, a couple of hundred meters before a street he wanted to turn into.

Now that he rides a lot, he slowed down to match the cyclists' speed so they could stay in front of him without worrying about being overtaken and then… Continue

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Bikes in Japan!

I've just come back from a trip to Tokyo, which looks like a rather nice city in which to ride.

I saw bikes everywhere, ridden by all sorts of people. And 95% of them rode without helmets.

Most of the bikes were step-through, single-speed town bikes, with baskets on the front. Very few were branded in any way, although the picture above shows what must be the most incongruous bike on the planet: the HUMMER bike. I saw two of these, so… Continue

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Blew up spinnning

After a few weeks of rain, sinusitis, rain, kids birthday parties and other family events, there was no escaping it: yesterday morning was Waterfall time.

All went well until somewhere between Brighton and Doll's Point, Lindsay cruised up beside me and called me Jan, as in Jan Ullrich - winner of an Olympic Gold media, five TDF 2nd places and other honours galore (and a drugs ban).

Anyone who has seen me ride (I am fat and slow and clean) knows that is a shocking misnomer. So I… Continue

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As someone who struggles to do a track stand, this blows me away.

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Electric bikes

This electric bike is, of course, a monstrosity in many ways.
But the Aprilia Enjoy is closer to a "proper" bike.
What do we think of this class of device?

Added by Simon Sharwood on June 12, 2008 at 2:00pm — 5 Comments

Could chairlifts for bikes get more people commuting?

Check out this patent, which seems to be some sort of device for attaching a bicycle to a T-bar or other drag lift.

Although this seems like it is intended to help MTB riders get up the hill faster, I am beginning to wonder about the urban applications because I feel that in a city like Sydney some of the larger hills could be a fatal deterrent to start-up cycle commuters. When I look at the Epping Road cycleway, for… Continue

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Jet-powered bicycle

Yes, you read it right.

This is a story about jet-powered bicycles.

And this is the video of the beast in… Continue

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One nice driver

Heading North up Enmore Road today, as I was approaching the King St junction, I indicated that I wished to move into the right hand lane, expecting that I would be warning the car trailing me on my right hip that I would slink in behind it once it passed.

But no! The car slowed, allowing me to reach the lights before he did.

We both copped the red light.

I turned, gave him a big thumbs up and mouthed "Thank You" to him.

He smiled and waved back.

Wilson St was then… Continue

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Waterfall vs. my face

The first time I ever rode to waterfall was in the infamous 2006 Gong ride, when a howling southerly made life hell for everyone and left me ill for most of a month with a bout of sinusitis. I've since learned I have a predeliction to sinusitis and will at some point in the future have, as my specialist says, my face "re-plumbed."

So when I woke up this morning intending to do my first training ride to Waterfall and saw a few showers on the radar, gray skies and a bit of wind, I had to… Continue

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The greatest bicycle race in the world

You can have your Tour de France.
I want to race in the Tour de Donut.
Mmmmmmmm ..... donuts ....

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Fear of bikes

I'm afraid!

And it's good.

The fear comes from the fact that moving from an MTB to a track bike and a road bike means the machines I am riding now are much less stable than the one I have been riding for a couple of years.

I'm not sure which is scariest. The track bike is hard to handle on the bends. The wheels wobble and I fight to control it. Of course there is also the issue of it being a fixie, with no brakes! About once a session I forget I cannot freewheel and have an… Continue

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My new super suit

I went to a conference last week at which I was offered the chance to wear an ankle-to-head blue lycra super suit for 45 minutes, in return for which $450 would be donated to the Starlight Foundation.

It was a no-brainer, so I did it. But to my surprise the company concerned gave me the super suit.

So I am now the proud owner of one super suit.

Now ... there's a certain inevitability that I will wear it again. The kids think the… Continue

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Where's the instruction manual

My life feels like it is missing an instruction manual at the moment.

First there was my 6 yo son joining a soccer team. No-one tells you this will involve becoming the team manager, because no other parent did and I blinked first. Now I have the task of arranging 9 other parents to try and figure out who can play, who cannot, who missed a half last week and who's turn it is to miss a match so the other kids get a go.

Spreadsheets will be required to do this without becoming a… Continue

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Which bike to buy?

I've been researching my first road bike and have "narrowed" it down to five alternatives.

The Trek 1.2 - Pros: Well priced, carbon forks and seat post. Cons: Clarence Street ecosystem has known cash-draining properties

Apollo Ventoux - Pros: Price ($795) and cool-looking wheels. Cons: Are Apollo any good?

Scott S50/S60 - Pros: Price of the S60. Weight. Cons: no-one seems to have the S60 with drops in stock.

Avanti Monza - Pros: All the carbon I want. Looks… Continue

Added by Simon Sharwood on February 11, 2008 at 1:34pm — 3 Comments

Our own worst enemies?

For a while now I have known that I really should remember to take my bike computer OFF the bike before I park it at train stations and the like.

Well ... last week I paid the price. It disappeared outside Sydenham Station.

Today, I also noticed that my sadlle bag has gone too. So whoever pinched the 'puter, it seems to me, also knew enough about bikes to value the less obviously useful saddle bag.

It could be there's a bad egg among us.

There's certainly a strange,… Continue

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Where I'l stop, nodoby knows

Night one on the track.

I arrive, feeling utterly ignorant.

We whacked my new pedals on the bike, a DHBC relic known as 'Big Red', then whacked the bike onto some rollers.

After brief instructions about how to mount without going arse over tits, I got on - wearing a helmet as I have very little confidence in my co-ordination.

Within a minute or two, and without me really noticing, the ever-delightful and generous Lindsay M quietly let go of me. I managed to keep moving.

Next… Continue

Added by Simon Sharwood on January 31, 2008 at 12:54pm — 3 Comments

New beginnings create a need for advice

Okay. I've made some decisions about cycling this year.

One is that I'm going to have a crack at track riding this year.

The good folks at Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club have an old track bike they're willing to let me try out.

I'm doing it because between kids and self-employment I cannot imagine just when I will ever get the time for serious road riding.
So the chance to train evenings means track makes a lot of sense.…


Added by Simon Sharwood on January 25, 2008 at 1:18pm — 2 Comments

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