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A trip to the capital.

The school holidays were a week ago, and we finally went to Paris. It's been a dream of mine to hire a cargo bike sometime, so the wife kindly allowed me to risk everyone's lives to do it.

At the bike shop, luckily there are no little bikes for the 6 year old. They do have a cargo ready to go, yeeha! The boys are super excited now and jump in the wheelbarrow part. As we start off, they're both singing away, to the appreciation of passers by. We're going to the river, luckily downhill…


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Hooray for Hoofddorp, Holland

After 40 odd years of life, it was finally time to visit the Netherlands. It was for work, but still an awesome chance. Confirming our destination is bike central, KLM's plastic goblet has two bikes on it, along with a tulip, and a clog. On approach to Schiphol airport, a depressing 8 lanes of cars is the view out the window, but unlike other airports (tell me if I'm wrong), there's a bike path beside it, and more on the map.

We train it to Hoofddorp, in the industrial zone, as our…


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In the land of Ortlieb

It's summer here, and we headed north towards Germany for holidays. Almost every city on the way is encouraging cycling, it seems. It's annoying. Every town, except for anywhere I live, is a cycling paradise.

On the way via train, I stopped in Milan for about 6 hours, getting a public bike. Each station says you need to sign up at an ATM. After discovering a big sign saying ATM near the main square, and following the tunnels to the office, ATM is: the…


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Croatia trip

<story goes on forever and has way too much detail\>

Croatia is a very green natural place with a lot of history. Due to 2 sisters visiting, there was no space in the car. I had 4 days to get there.

Panic took me the day before. I wish you could bottle that feeling so you could open the bottle a week ahead of time, when there was plenty of time to plan, instead of surfing the internet. The route had seemed simple, but now zooming in, each town is a morass of turns,…


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Blue bike blurb

I love the blue bikes. They are incredibly handy, fun, good for a bit of exercise and a nice way to start the day. There are 175 stations along a 13km strip and a station at both ends of my street.

Getting to the airport: 15 minutes.

Getting to a hotel in order to meet a old work mate: 5 minutes.

Getting to the airport bus stop to get the no. 70 bus: 12 minutes. That's as quick as the bus without the wait, which can easily add 20 minutes.

And tonight, I had to drop off…


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A couple of rides on the weekend.

Thanks to the freedom of car ownership, we couldn't afford to go anywhere this weekend, which was a compulsory 4 days, not even camping. I didn't have to persuade the missus to go for a ride as it's the only thing we can do.

We put the kid seats on, and the 4 of us went to Cagnes Sur Mer castle. It's 4.5km along fully separated paths, until the last km odd. We stop on the way at a playground, and for lunch. There are a fair few cars during the short climb into the citadel. Ollie says…


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More Nice bike tales

At the end of day one on a bike, I was hoping to find a better route than the 4 laner I'd taken on the way up. Fine for lunchtime, but not great from 4.30pm until past 7. If you need a hand, grab the first bike rider you can. Mine turned out to be a Canadian, so that made 3 Anglo helpers for the day. Do French people ride? I assume the lady with the stunning black leather bags on the stupendous Peugeot mixte was French. Mixtes just look so stylish, especially with the flat bars that wrap around… Continue

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Re learning biking in a new land

OK, we finally arrived in Nice to live for 3 years. The boss, and the next boss up, both kept giving instructions on how to get a car, and I kept insisting that we  were not going to get one. How will you get to work then? Well, this is Europe, so of course going car free and using a bike will be easy, I kept telling them. I'd heard a podcast of a guy who lives in Los Angeles and even then, went car free. Needless to say, this was putting my complete lack of knowledge against their  local…


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Last day, yay!

Last Friday was my last day at work in this office. It started off nicely. Despite it being 6.15am and about 5 deg C outside, there were heaps riding on the Epping Rd/Gore Hill path, even more than summer it seemed. What's the story?

It being the last day, you get an exit interview, so you can complain about anything, so I complained about the lack of a bike subsidy. There's free public…


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Anti sprawl songs

Paul Krugman brings up the question, what is the best song about urban sprawl. There's

Big yellow Taxi, Little boxes (yay San Francisco, you even get into this contest), but I'd have to agree with his final choice. The Pretenders…


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Stolen stories

With all the theft stories recently, I thought I'd put write up a couple.


I've only ever had one bike stolen. It was a dual suspension Diamond back which I'd bought for $600. It was the most I'd spent on a bike (ha ha I know). It being an off road unit, it had kind of mudguards, and it got to see a lot of mud. It had been thrashed, crashed, and the bike shop mechanic had said "this thing has multiple issues." I like to hang onto things, much to the missus' annoyance, and it had to… Continue

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Where in the state is my bike lane?

I've just got back from 2 weeks away. Saw some great things, and was impressed with the facilities around. Here is a shot from a main street (I think). Can you guess the town?

Car parking is at 45 degrees. You wouldn't have to worry about riding in the door zone with this type of lane, but when a car is ready to leave a parking spot, look out! When leaving a 45 degree parking spot in a car, often you can't see up the street. You pull out slowly, but that might be a bit scary for a… Continue

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Last Sunday

We finally got round to trying out the new bike lanes last Sunday, and they were great!

Saturday night, we were returning from a 4y.o.'s birthday party, and got to check out the southern end of Bourke St by car. IMO, the main reason for the John Mahoney and David Hannan lawsuit is the speed humps restricting the car/truck traffic, not the fact that there's a green stripe down the side.

So on Sunday, we decided to go for a spur of the moment ride from the… Continue

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Spinning class

Went with my kid to swimming lessons on Saturday. It was raining, and there was only one bike in the racks. It wasn't mine. I don't have wet weater gear for the little one.

As I walked in, I noticed there was a group on the stationary bikes. I counted 12 people roughly. So it's spinning 12, and normal biking scored 1. Is it just me, or does it seem like a bad idea to drive, then pay someone so you can sit on a stationary bike? I know I'm preaching to the converted, and my missus… Continue

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On the Street | Happy Trails

Stumbled on this nice photo montage with commentary. How nice would it be to see this? Hopefully with Clover's changes, it may happen.

On the Street | Happy Trails

It seems like everyone, with or without a safety ..[no commentary on the h word please - just enjoy the photos].., is on wheels, from scooters and skateboards to inline skates and pedal carts.…


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