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Hordes of Cyclists

The Herald article on injuries to MAM started off with "hordes of middle aged men have taken up cycling..." so I thought it appropriate to mention the Horde of MAM (quite a few MAW too) I saw in Annandale on Sunday. I was just returning from a ride  with LBUG via some of Clover's new cycleways. We started with 10 riders, which is about an average turnout for LBUG. Sometimes we get 15 or even 20, and sometimes only a  few gnarly old regulars turn up, but it doesn't matter, we go…


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John Howard's Oak vandalised.

Eight LBUG riders rode up to Katoomba on Saturday and down on Sunday. No deaths, had a great weekend.

Can report that John Howard's oak tree at Faulconbridge in the Avenue of Prime Minister's Oaks was vandalised sometime between when we passed by on the up trip and when we went past on the down trip. Not by us!

We rode up from Emu Plains via the Knapsack Bridge cycle path (used to be the highway once) and along a path alongside the motorway to the Lapstone underpass, along… Continue

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Who was the cyclist doing 60 down Parramatta Road today?

I was driving through Burwood on Parramatta Road today when I came level with a cyclist on a red and blue Orbea flat barred road bike, maybe a 29er. It was an exotic looking machine with what looked like front suspension. The rider was a slight dark complexioned fellow, possibly of Indian or Sri Lankan extraction. Anyway, he was doing close to 60 when I drew level, and sitting on about 50 on a fairly flat section of road, slowing down briefly on the rises. He kept up with me for a couple of km… Continue

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Randwick's got a good one

I ride to La Perouse via Randwick and Maroubra Beach regularly with LBUG and others, coming back via Denison and Banks Sts and always enjoy the run but there are a few places that bug me along the way, so I decided to email Randwick Council with a photo of the offending places. I figure you might as well point out problems and hazards you observe to Councils because, you never know, they might fix them and make your next ride better, or some other cyclists will benefit. And it helps to get it… Continue

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Road to Byng

The country between Bathurst and Orange north of the Mitchell Highway is very pretty but rugged. On the map there is a place named Byng about half way, which looked like it was just a "locality", no facilities. Our touring group (LBUG Tourers) planned to ride from Newbridge to Orange, via Blayney and Byng and the Icely Road on the Saturday of the Anzac weekend and return via Milthorpe on Monday, with a day ride from Orange on… Continue

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Went for a ride on Sunday- nothing to complain about

Waterfall to the Gong- what a great ride! From Waterfall its a fast downhill along McKell Av, then a cruise up Lady Wakefield, smelling the rainforest, and a good climb out of the park to emerge at the escarpment overlooking the Illawarra coast. Have a coffee at the Pie Shop at Otford- great outdoor seating. Often some vintage cars parked there or a few paragliders zooming overhead. Time before last, a bloke was flying a remote controlled plane, doing loop the loops.

Continue on past… Continue

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Went for a ride on Sunday

Great day for a ride, sunny but not hot, even a little cool (for summer). There was no excuse not to get out for a ride! A good crowd turned up at the Cafe in Moore St. Maybe there weren't too many other rides on, or maybe people just like the Cruise to La Perouse we (LBUG) do. Its about 45 km return, with a couple of steep hills around Maroubra, Malabar and Long Bay (Broome, Howe and Bilga Cr) on the way out… Continue

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Who was Brewongle?

Went to the cricket yesterday. The Aussies were batting on day 4 and needed to get some quick runs to put the Seth Efricans in, so I thought it might be worth going. How to get there from Leichhardt? Bus to Central, walk around to Chalmers St, another bus to the SCG? Nah, ride the bike. It was warm and humid but not excessive so packed up the sangers, a drink, binoculars, hat and off. Cross the City West Link on Catherine St, left at Moore St, through Annandale on Booth St, left at Bridge Rd,… Continue

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Katoomba Special

Have done this ride a few times now with LBUG, led by hill climbing legend Grant Rogers, as everyone needs a bit of downhill cruising now and again. It is not all downhill though, there are a couple of steep sections on the detours off the highway, where you lose a fair bit of height in the side valleys and have to climb back to the highway. But the ride through the bush away from the highway is very… Continue

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A week in the country

Last time I was in Jingellic was 35 years ago on a honeymoon drive around the Alps. This time my wife was away meeting my daughter in Paris after she had finished a stint with MSF in Sudan. So I thought I would take the chance to do a week's cycle touring and visit Jingellic once again. Also a chance to visit Tumbarumba, which is supposed to be a pretty town with some interesting scenery, and where a cycling rail-trail is being considered.

If you dont know it, Jingellic is a tiny… Continue

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LBUG's Big Bike Adventure

For the Oct long weekend just passed LBUG went to Nowra. There were only 5 of us, a bit disappointing, but some of our regulars were overseas or working, and there was a tour the previous weekend. Anyway, we went. The train down takes about 3 hours, changing at Kiama. We stayed at a motel just over the bridge into Nowra, only a short ride from the station in Bomaderry.

The rain stopped and although it was still overcast we set off for a ride after lunch. We headed east on Terara Rd,… Continue

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First Sunday of the month, so it was the LBUG EasyRider yesterday, a morning ride around the Inner West for new cyclists or "returning cyclists", or anyone who wants a quick spin around, not too fast…

First Sunday of the month, so it was the LBUG EasyRider yesterday, a morning ride around the Inner West for new cyclists or "returning cyclists", or anyone who wants a quick spin around, not too fast, meet local cyclists, see some scenery and home for lunch. Thats the theory anyway, and we do get some new cyclists along, plus a few regulars who like the pace (easy) and the sort of places we explore, like the Harbour foreshores, or out to Homebush, or… Continue

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WWW ride

Went on the annual LBUG WWW ride, from Windsor to Wyong via Wiseman's Ferry. Day 1 was fine and very cool, with a fresh tail wind.14 riders set off from Windsor station at 930 am and made excellent time to the Sackville ferry, via Ebernezer. Across the mighty Hawkesbury and up the hill to the Lower Portland turnoff. Lunch was a spot

by the road overlooking the river, not far from… Continue

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Went for ride- Waterfall to Bundeena

Went for a ride on Sunday. One of my favourites, Waterfall to Cronulla via Otford and Bundeena. see Bikely map The 8.40 am Wollongong train gets to Waterfall pretty promptly (9.22) and the Millenium carriages, if not actually designed to take bikes, are spacious and bikes fit easily in the area off the vestibule.

At Waterfall we met more of our group (LBUG) that had ridden all the way from Tempe - the keen… Continue

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