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So it has happened - Friday just passed was my last day at work, I am now living in Yass (55kms n/w of Canberra). Cool climate wines down the road, not a bicycle user group in site and a very sub average bike plan doc done by council 5plus years ago.

So I will still be involved in BikeSydney for the next few months - not sure when I will be in Sydney next. Contact details are

email -

blog -… Continue

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BikeSydney and some of the stuff we do

As some (or all) may be aware, BikeSydney run a small business (besides the lobbying that we do), Bike Valet Parking , this helps fund BikeSydney advocacy aspirations (of course some money goes to such things as insurance).

Anyway I just want to mention one such item we are doing. This month there is a cycling conference in Melbourne - and we are sending three members to this.

From this there will be a sharing of knowledge, reports… Continue

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For all those Bike Loving Pixie Fans

This is a song about a superhero named Tony It's called Tony's Theme He's got the oil on his chain, for a ride in the rain No baloney Ride around on my bicycle like a… Continue

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From Knog mmm?


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Just cause its some time for some music

Bike Ride to the Moon - Dukes Of… Continue

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Defies Gravity - and Just get out and have a ride this weekend

This has been doing the rounds, seen it on a number bike blogs and been making it to a number of news… Continue

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UNSW Bike Club

From the UNSW - you can also check out their bike club website @… Continue

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Another Share Bike Program, with funky promo

I did have the vid here but - it runs automatically so you can visit the site here

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While we swelter in 40+ heat

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Another How aware are you add campaign


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One for all the fixie riders


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WAKE UP - its the weekend, go for a ride


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Beer and Bikes - its all good

Two of my favourite… Continue

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And now BMX Bandits chinese kung fu style


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A Promo ad from Hutchinson

long but why can't we see more quality ads like this - rather than car ads on… Continue

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Live Green Festival 17th Aug (Sun) Meet BikeSydney

Live Green Festival is on again, on the 17th August at Victoria Park, Sydney and of course BikeSydney will be there.

Live Green - Ideas to green your life

“More than 10,000 people attended the first Live Green event in 2007 and this year’s program promises to offer more innovative and simple practical actions you can take to reduce your environmental impact and help make our Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision a reality.” Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP

So a run down of what is… Continue

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Bikes on Buses

Another transit authority in the US is now placing bike racks on buses, of course hell would freeze over first before the NSW STA would allow anything like this. Maybe a bit of a campaign on this would do? Any way here is the new promotional video - a bit… Continue

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BikeSydney news - For those not on the mailing list

Check out on the BikeSydney web site all the latest BikeSydney news

*New items this week.

Park St bike lanes - Now you see them, now you don't And you can read out letter to Minister Watkins about their removal

*BikeSydney Submission to the Redfern Waterloo Authority.

They are proposing over 2000 car spaces for the North Eveleigh Rail Yards. Being close to rail, bus and cycle routes, the site provides a very strong basis for sustainable… Continue

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Bike Parking in Japan

When will we see this here in Sydney

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Some people are getting it

This is from Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Jim Borgman in the Us of A - It was published in his blog May 12

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