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Surviving the Alpine Classic Extreme (ACE250).

Last Sunday, I rode my first Audax Alpine Classic Extreme (or the ACE 250) down in Northern Victoria. This ride was simply fantastic and the thing I love about Audax riding is the opportunity to go to some really amazing places. I’d never been to…


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The difference 6 months makes

On Saturday I returned to Tempe Velodrome for some club racing. By chance I was able to borrow a car and dust off my track bike that has been looking at me with disappointed eyes for so long. It was the first time I'd raced in 6 months and quite a revelation for me in terms of accessing my own fitness. Since moving over to the socalled 'wrong' side of the bridge in March, I hadn't been out on any hard sunday morning training rides with Dulwich… Continue

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My friend Jeff, he's a cyclist.

A big bell chime to Surly Dave for this cartoon.

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Everyone's a critic

Bicycles seem to be great conversation starters between strangers. Last saturday night was one such occasion. I was catching the train into the city with my fuji touring bike and there was another guy on the train who also had his bike. He then said to me "Thats's a great touring bike you've got there... [thanks]... but its no good for riding in the city". Oh??? "Why is it no good for riding in the city?" I asked. "Well, the wheels aren't strong enough"... Huh?... I didn't digress in to the… Continue

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Welcome to Heffron Park

On Saturday was my last race at Heffron Park. I've decided to leave it for a while as it is so time consuming while I'm trying to finish my studies and maintain some semblance of a social life on weekends.

Here is some footage from the start of the race. Paul Craft (or Crafty) decided to lay into one guy when he turned up wearing a world champhionship jersey. Crafty does this any time a person wears a jersey that does not belong to them. This guy should have known better. He was… Continue

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What cyclists' want...

The whole bike lane debate is often a Shibboleth in the cycling community. I thought this Yehuda Moon comic strip puts a really nice spin on what cyclists want.

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A photo homage to BFJ59C in three parts

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Put your bets down

How many Australia's have been on a horse in the last year? Probably not that many. But how many Australians have ridden a bike? Around a 1/3 of the population I'd guess. If you've studied the form guide for today's melbourne cup your probably as clueless as me when it comes to picking a good horse. But what about picking a good cyclist? Now that would be interesting. While cycling is our 4th most popular recreation activity, its not something that brings the nation to a standstill (not… Continue

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Building a better Sydney

Here is a nice little photo and audio discussion by Jah Gehl on the King Street cycleway.


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Ever had that... "The Castle" moment?

This afternoon I went to get my blue appollo track bike to take it to the velodrome tonight. I hadn't been on it for months and it had slowy made its way to the front of row of bikes that fills one hallway and annnoys the crap out of my flatmate.

And then I had a The Castle moment.

Ay Steve, Can you move the Camira? I need to get the Torana out to get to the Commodore.

Sure thing Dad, but I'll have to get the keys to the…

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Tips for the cycling novice


How to use SPD pedals's Guide to Using SPD Pedals from Bike Rumor on… Continue

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Don't park here

I saw this letter attached to a bicycle chained up at Redfern station this afternoon. The bicycle was parked inside the gated areas of the station (a clear no-no and incursion on RailCorp property). Personally, I think it would be great if Rail Corp provided bike parking inside their stations. Perhaps something like… Continue

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Share the road?


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Bike Parking Enclosure designed by Kafka

Since bad cycling infrastructure seems to be a leitmotif of sydneycyclist, I thought I might share my own anecdote.

I meet up with a lady from Hornsby this morning to talk about her idea for developing a fietsstalling bike parking facility at the train station. On my way back from Hornsby to Macquaire uni I thought I might survey a few more train stations to see what bike parking facilities existed in that area. As I… Continue

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Greetings from Brisbane

I've just spent a few days in Brisbane and have enjoyed cycling around the city. My outsider/subjective view is that the city is getting many things right in terms of cycling. There are many bike racks, tracks and lanes all across the city and the city government have strongly including cycling as part of its broader transport services. I had time to check out the King George Cycle Centre which was an impressive bike parking facility.…


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Everyone wants a bit of 'bike culture'


Puma have released a series of films about bike culture. Check it out here :

Now I'm off to the puma shop to reduce my carbon footprint : )

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F*cking expensive!

I never thought I'd donate money to GetUp to put an advertisment on Television, but this ad struck a chord. If you want to donate as well, go HERE. . They only need another $1000 and a bit and its going prime…

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Break in case of an emergency


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Sydney Morning Herald tidbits

I thought this was the pick of the letters today

The petroleum party is coming to a close, the good times can't go on forever. Will we be like raging drunks and keep scrounging for that last squeeze from the cask, and regret it all tomorrow? Or do we plan for change now, and leave the scene with dignity, minimising the potential damage? (
Mark Slocum Dulwich Hill)

And… Continue

Added by Adrian on May 24, 2008 at 9:30pm — 3 Comments

Contested Streets

Just came across this doco online. Has anyone seen it?

Added by Adrian on May 18, 2008 at 10:20am — 3 Comments

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