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Adventures on the Old Great North Road

Wyong to Windsor via the Old Great North Rd

11-12 April 2017

I planned a simple overnight ride through some of my favourite riding country west of Wyong. The plan was to catch a morning train to Wyong and ride west through the Yarramalong Valley, enjoy an early lunch (plus toilet and water stop) at the Yarramalong…


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2011 stocktake - Egocentric statistical nerdom

Credit to Si for "Egocentric statistical nerdom" title.

A quick stocktake of my year cycling in 2011. 

- joined Audax Australia (the long distance cycling club)

- dnf'd my first audax ride (rear gear cable snapped), completed 1 x 100, 5 x 200, 1 x 300.

- rode the 3 Peaks event in March (a ride that makes all the others seem ok)

- rode inaugural Canberra-Mogo Zoo2Zoo in Sept

- rode first 300km audax in Oct 

- rode Sydney-Dubbo…


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Tractor goes-a-touring

I recently rode a charity ride from Taronga Zoo, Sydney, to Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo over 3 days in October (read more here).


After resting in Dubbo overnight I rode off on my own personal cycling tour from Dubbo to Canberra. It was a small "t" tour, staying in motels and buying my food along the way.



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Tractor time again - zoo2zoo Sydney to Dubbo 2011

Zoo2Zoo 2011 Sydney to Dubbo (14-16 Oct 2011)

Day 1: Taronga Zoo to Mt Victoria via Richmond and Springwood (about 165 km).


109 riders started at about 6.00 am from Taronga Zoo and headed off through northern Sydney to Windsor and Richmond. It was to be a long(ish) wet day on the road.

We started in 9 groups with the intention of staying together in those groups for the day. Groups 1 & 2 were designated…


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Tractor time - Zoo2Zoo hits the dirt

A few weeks ago I participated in the inaugural Canberra to Mogo Zoo2Zoo ride. The ride was, not surprisingly, from Canberra Zoo to Mogo Zoo. We covered almost 200 km over two days (17-18 Sept) mostly on dirt roads or single track. A small group of 13 riders participated this time. 


I rode my tractor. The tractor is a Salsa Fargo - a drop bar, rigid 29er. I stripped the racks and excess bottle cages off the tractor and swapped the skinny tyres (40mm) for the fat 29ers (55mm).…


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Puncture repair - Fail. (updated)

I thought I'd avoided the pools of broken glass along Hickson Rd this morning but as I started up onto the bridge it was apparent that the rear tyre was losing air. So I urned around and rode back to a park bench to repair the puncture.


Hadn't had a puncture on any bike for 2 years.


No problem. I always carry a puncture repair kit and a spare tube.


Removed the wheel, found the glass sticking out of the tyre, removed tyre and tube. Checked tyre…


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A ride in the wild, wild, west (otherwise known as the pre-Riverstone Loop Ride)

Today I had the pleasure of joining in the Pre-Riverstone Loop Ride. It was kind of a dress rehearsal for the Ride to Riverstone (R2R), http://ride2riverstone.com.au/, on 1st May (Syd Cyclist event page). 


As the R2R website says "Cycle the best rural scenery in Western Sydney whilst raising funds for kids with…


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Andersons and Oaks

Last weekend my son and I did some riding in the beautiful bush of the Blue Mountains National Park. The short story is that we rode the Andersons fire trail on Saturday and the Oaks fire trail on Sunday.


The slightly longer story is:

* On Saturday we caught the train from Sydney to Wentworth Falls,

* rode out along Tablelands Rd to McMahon's Lookout overlooking Lake Burragorang (the bit of water behind Warragamba Dam)

* rode back up Tablelands Rd and…


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Merry Chrismas SydneyCyclists

Merry Christmas all at Sydney Cyclist.


Home you all have a happy and safe festive season with some great riding.


This is Georgie, my daughter's dog. He also, if a bit reluctantly, wishes you all a Merry Christmas.



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zoo2zoo ride report

Just a short (or not so short) report on my experience participating in the 2010 zoo2zoo charity ride. The zoo2zoo is, this year, raising money for the Black Dog Institute.

The ride started with almost 100 cyclists gathering at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, at 5am Friday morning. The ride is organised by a small group of volunteers and they are assisted during the ride by about a dozen support helpers driving support vehicles and assisting the riding group. The ride cost…

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That's the lemon next to the pie.

Ah, spring! It seems like the time of year for crazy long rides. "Long rides" means different things to different people.
One person's Spring Cycle is another's Around that Bay in a Day.
One person's Gong ride is another's Fitz Clasic.

As you may have read…

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I made a near fatal mistake and it wasn't me at risk.

Driving out tonight to pick up my daughter from art class I very nearly t-boned a cyclist.

I was driving along a residential street in Stanmore approaching a roundabout. It was dark and I was on the lookout for headlights. In hindsight it would seem the cyclist's headlight did not meet my "lookout for headlights" criteria.

I didn't see the cyclist until I was entering the roundabout and he was approaching from my right. I braked hard…

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On Saturday (19/6) I took my new bike on it's first dirt ride. I chose to ride the fire trail that runs the length of Narrowneck, the beautiful sandstone ridge that separates the Megalong and Jamison Valleys just west of Katoombe. If you have ever admired the view from Echo Point at Katoomba you have seen Narrowneck to the west of Echo Point.

The day started with a ride from Dulwich Hill to Central to catch the 07:18 train to Katoomba. Hung the bike on a spare hook in the…

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Another year over, a new one just begun.

Thanks to all on Sydney Cyclist for contributing to a very enjoyable year of riding in 2009.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a 2010 full of many safe rides.

Note: read on if you wish. These are just some notes for myself to remind me of why 2009 was such a good cycling year for me and to set some personal goals for 2010.

2009, my "year of the bike"

Other than a little bit of fire trail riding in the late 80's 2009 was my first regular… Continue

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Riding with one pedal

I've been sharing one pair of pedals between two bikes since I went clipless a few weeks ago. I was pleased to pick up a second hand pair at the Deus swap meet on Saturday. One was spinning more freely than the other so I stripped them down, cleaned and regreased the bearings. All good. Put them on the commuter, went for a quick spin to test them out and relaxed with the knowledge I'd just saved myself $50+.

Riding to work this morning, about 5 km from home, left foot comes loose from the… Continue

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So that's why I wear a helmet!

I got attacked by a magpie on the way home today, near cnr Kensington Rd and Bogan St, Summer Hill. It's getting to that time of the year.

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Punctures, punctures, punctures.

The rear tyre on my commuter bike is wearing out a lot quicker that the front. During February and March I had three punctures in six weeks, all in the rear.

Following a recent ride to Kurnell the rear tyre slowly deflated. Another puncture! While repairing the puncture I usd the opportunity and swapped the tyres. Worn rear tyre on the front, near new looking front tyre moved to the back.

Great. That should mean less punctures.

Last weekend I did a ride near… Continue

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