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The Long Road To Brisvegas 10

Well today had a bit of everything, we traveled from Tamworth to Armidale starting out in cold wet conditions.

We cruised along pretty nicely until we got to the Moonby Hill which for anyone that hasn't ridden up it is a lot like riding the bad way out of Woolongong towards Sydney.

Suffice to say when we got to the top there were a few thankful looks including mine.

During this whole climbing phase the other thing that was happening was the temperature, by the time we hit the top of… Continue

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The Long Road To Brisvegas 9

Today was a shocker, we started out from the hotel at 7am towards Tamworth straight into a headwind, all good until the rain. Wet cloths and saddle chafe aren't a great combo.

Having said that the kms clicked by pretty quickly, there were a few stops for mechanical issues that our mechanic Paul (one of the owners of Cranks cycles) sorted out quickly, and a stop in Muswellbrook for afternoon tea courtesy of the council.

After that things got a bit tough, the rain eased off but the wind… Continue

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The Long Road to Brisvegas 8

Well the first day is down, 180km riding from Sydney to just outside Cessnock. It was interesting riding in the bunch with a lot of new people, some with a lot of experience some with almost none, no accidents though there were some funny incidents involving new people and cleats :)

Tomorrow is a much bigger day 270kms with a lot more hills, we are riding from here to Tamworth and I think we will have a few people riding in the bus before the day is over. It's been great to see people step… Continue

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The long road to Brisvegas 7

Well the day is almost upon me, tomorrow myself a 29 other riders will take to the roads of Sydney on our way north for some fun, adventure and hopefully raising a lot of money for a great charity. To date we have raised almost $120 000 and we are hoping to do even better by the end of the ride.

The charity supports Randwick and Brisbane children;s hospitals providing much needed support for research into children's diseases and care including… Continue

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The long road to Brisvegas 6

It's been a while now and to be honest progress has stalled a bit on the training. A new job, a new love and house hunting has left not much free time for the training schedule..
Weight wise I've sat at about 80kg now for some time so no great additional wins but no losses either. The next month is going to have to be pretty big or this little chicken is going to hurt for all to hear.

The training schedule kicks back off again this Sunday which will give me…

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The long road to Brisvegas 5

Hey all,
It's been a massive couple of weeks, a bit less training than I would have liked (Yes I am a sook about riding in the rain and badly need to take a leaf out of choppers book hardness), so with a week of rain ahead the trainer will be getting a work out. It was great seeing everyone at the rally for SCC bike infrastructure, lots of smiling faces and honking :)

One of the things I did recently that has made a huge difference is a basic bike…

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The long road to Brisvegas 4

Well after much work and trying like mad to not go out and eat to my heart's content with friends at every opportunity I've managed to lose 5kgs in 3 weeks and getting the cycling miles up a lot with the help of Audax :)
Two weeks ago I did a 150km ride from Hornsby out through Kurrajong, Sackville, Pitt Town and back over 6hrs. Tomorrow I'm doing a similar route hopefully in a slightly better…

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The long road to Brisvegas 3

Well it's a week down and on Friday despite the bad weather keeping me on my trainer rather than the hills I managed to lose 1.5kg and in general I'm feeling a lot better on the bike.

The diet is going really well, I'm very impressed with the quality of the food from the Diet Factory though I'm keeping an eye on my weight loss each day to make sure I don't lose too much, sitting on about 0.2kg per day at the moment. As I was thinking on the way back… Continue

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The long road to Brisvegas 2

Ok so the clock is ticking and and there are really three things I need to do to get things heading in the right direction.

First I need to get my weight heading southwards and there's only one way to do that, fix the diet.

I don't know about you but I love cooking and when I think about what to cook I tend not to think in terms of what will be healthiest or appropriate, it's more about interest and tastiness. I love Moroccan, French, Italian, Japanese you name it, on top of that I… Continue

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The long road to Brisvegas

Ok so the story so far:

Late last year after much riding a good level of fitness and my first 200km Audax ride in typical form for me I announced to the world or at least those close enough to hear, that I David Taylor was ready for some kind of big challenge and would take on all comers.

Some short number of days later Tash fires me off an email with an innocuous enough link to the 1200kms for kids website

Full of energy and… Continue

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