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A new experience

So, today I found out what it feels like when fingers connect with spokes while doing 50+ km/h. It wasn't a nice feeling. All in all I am very lucky as I only lost some skin - nothing broken.

Anyway, next time I adjust my front derailer I will be a bit more careful.

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My lounge room as a bike shed

Just thought I would share this pic I snapped yesterday after a bit of bike shopping with my ex:

From left to right: Byron Cheater (Piece of crap), Esperia Partner (new), Avanti Sprint (my old bike - might rebuild or retire), Potenza Forza (my new bike), BSO (my slow utility bike).

The Esperia Partner and Potenza Forza are the new…


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Blue Mountains trip

Saturday morning I and another rider went from Parramatta to the Blue Mountains for a ride via the M4. It was an enjoyable ride. Cut short due to an existing injury. Trained it back.

distance: 59.5 Km

time: 2:34

avg speed: 23.2 Km/h

top speed: 59.k Km/h

temperature range: cold to damn cold

Back to work now.

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Crashed before I was on my bike :(

Afternoon all,

Just thought I would take some time out to tell you all of a fateful trip that started out as a three hour tour (not quite, a 80 minute commute). I had just gotten ready and was heading out. Each morning I have to navigate a flight of tiled steps that are usually covered in dead and dying flowers. I've always thought that one day I will slip and break something. Today was *almost* that day. As I took my first step and shifted my weight onto my right foot, out it went.… Continue

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Pea soup anyone?

How was the fog this morning. I decided to snap a couple of shots as I was approaching the city this morning.

The first is looking towards the SHB from Anzac bridge.

The second is Pyrmont bridge looking towards the city:…


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And in other news...

I rode my bike to work today. My knee hurt.

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A small world, or a large web site...

This morning riding down Lilyfield road (towards the city) I approached a cyclist who I had seen several times before. Each time we passed I would think to myself "she looks familiar". So this morning I decided to ask her. I stopped at the red light just behind her and said. Excuse me, but do I know you? (Comic Book Guy: Worst pickup line ever). She had a cautious look on her face. So then I simply asked "Sydney Cyclist?". Bingo.

So, again let me say. Morning Kim.

This got… Continue

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Last Friday night... A strange encounter

The other day I mentioned in a comment how I was approached by an individual on the train asking about bikes and then subsequently wanting to take my bike for a test ride. Well, on Friday night around 7:50pm as I road along Martha Street approaching Wentworth Street (near the motor cycle training center under the M4) who do I see standing in the middle of the intersection looking at me and approaching me as I approached him. That's right, the same guy. He motioned for me to stop but I… Continue

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Last night I stole my own bike.

On my way home I stopped at a shop on a fairly busy street (lots of pedestrian traffic). I locked my bike to a sign post and went into the shop to get some food. When I returned to my bike I could not find my keys. I checked and rechecked my bag, checked the pockets of my work clothes. The keys were no where to be seen. Damn, I must have left them in the office. I called my boss but he did not answer his phone. Ok then, I'll have to break the lock and ride back to work. I removed the multi tool… Continue

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Broke spoke part 2

Good morning kiddies, here is today's quiz.

Q: What do you get when you cross a bent 5mm thick piece of steel rod of length 300mm with a 700mm bicycle wheel rotating at almost 300 rpm?


(Note: I have already removed one of the spokes so I can purchase new ones - I already have some spare spokes for the cassette side at home)

So, I'm riding down the M4 eastbound and I am about 1Km west of Homebush Bay drive when… Continue

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Broke spoke :(

I was riding towards Parramatta (under the M4) yesterday evening when I hear a bang and my back wheel decided to no longer turn. At first I did not know what had happened, everything looked ok except for the fact that my rear wheel was rubbing hard against the brake pad. Then I found the broken spoke. Argghhh!!! Hadn't we just been discussing this the other day? Why couldn't we have been discussing winning the lotto or something. To top that, the battery in my phone was flat. So of I start… Continue

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Farewell to the M2 and Epping road cyclists

I've decided to no longer ride into the office on the M2 and Epping Road cycle way. This morning I decided to take the M4 then following the signs (and other cyclists) into the city then to North Sydney. It was 5 minutes quicker and it was a good change of scenery. One day when I am bored with that view I may change back to the M2 but for now let me say...

Thank you to all the cyclists who offered me help when I was punctured.

Thank you to the cyclists who waved from the other… Continue

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a feel good morning

How could you not feel good after riding down the M7 and seeing a sunrise like this

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Off topic but anyway - lost dog

Last Sunday, 11th Jan. The back gate "opened" itself and my dog got out. She was seen on Sunday evening near the IGA at Doonside, and then seen at the cricket / tennis / netball park Doonside on Monday. I was out until 11pm last night looking for her and putting up posters.

If anyone riding the M7 sees a grey and white husky, could you try to catch her, and if you are successful call the pound. She is very friendly. She has one brown eye and one blue eye.

Cash… Continue

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My replacement CC

Yesterday I received my replacement credit card. I was so tempted this morning to chuck a sicky and get my new bike. When I went out this morning I realized that Rob's Malvern Star had a flat rear tyre (don't worry Rob, I'll fix it before I return it - plus put all the parts back on as well). So I decided to train it in today. Oh how I don't miss sitting in those hot boxes with all those sweaty people *shudder*.

My boss has agreed to drive me to the bike shop after work tomorrow so I… Continue

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So, it is time to get serious

After many requests by my better half, I have decided to try my hand at road racing. I am thinking about joining Marconi Cycling Club, so if anyone here is a member feel free to shout out. It was a bit of a shock to find that I will be riding in the Masters category. I didn't realize I was THAT old.

I guess that is that, and I will have to fix up my bike to get her race ready.

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I love my work

Not only can I leave my bike against the wall in the office, I just changed my rear tyre while sitting at my desk. And then I got to borrow the manager's brand new floor pump he got from the bike shop earlier today.

BTW, there are shower facilities in the office also.

I thought you would all like to hear that :)

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A great start to the week

I woke up a 4am and thought to myself "I'll just rest here and wait for the alarm to go off". Well, at 5:30am I realized that the alarm was not going to go off. Out of bed I jumped, 1 hour late. Got dressed in the spandex. No time for breakfast today. I was on my bike within 10 minutes. I knew this morning was going to be a fast ride - Mondays usually are. So I set off towards Blacktown. 8 minutes later I was on my way to Seven Hills. It was almost 6am when I hit the M2 - I'm usually at the… Continue

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April 1st jokes for cyclists

I just found this. Even though it isn't April 1st, I found them so funny I had to share them.

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Horrific crash on Miller Street

Yesterday afternoon I had my first real crash with a pedestrian. I was traveling north on Miller Street from the Pacific Hwy intersection when I noticed two people crossing Miller Street. I first decided to slow, allowing them to continue walking and I was going to pass behind them. The lady, who was the second person, stopped on the white line between the two north bound lanes. I *incorrectly* assumed she stopped because she saw me approaching. I then decided to ride between the two people as… Continue

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