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Huge bike garage sale!!! Many parts, lots of cheap/free stuff too.

My mega garage sale

I'll be moving in roughly 6 months so to get started on downsizing my garage I'm selling all my excess bike stuff. Could be a lot of handy stuff in there especially if you're building a bike.

I thought I'd offer this stuff to Sydney Cyclist members first. Anything left over I'll put on ebay, gumtree or take down to cycle-recycle in waterloo.

I've put pictures,…

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Touring South Island NZ

The trip was great. We felt like we could just keep going if we weren't due back at work.

The scenery is spectacular and probably would be even better a bit later in the year once the high peaks all have snow (only a few showed their snow to us).

It took a while to get used to the weight (about 30-35kg of luggage for me, about 25-30kg for naomi) but after a few days it felt great to get back on the bike each morning. It was all pretty low intensity riding,… Continue

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Mt Baw Baw: Hardest Hill in Australia?

Mt Baw Baw: Hardest Hill in Australia?

"Ranked the 2nd toughest climb in world cycling" - Michael Horan, Herald Sun 11/10/05

We recently made a road trip to melbourne and along the way there did the Audax

Alpine Classic
. On the way back we visited Baw Baw National Park and I rode up…


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Helmets continued... Went to all this effort to write it, but then discussion closed - so here it is:

Regarding this discussion:

Q: >>How would I or anyone know if you did present a paper, researched it or what.

A: Maybe because generally conference proceedings and papers are published and as such the existence of the paper would be much easier to verify than some of the opinion based comments you have put forward??: Comments involving sarcasm and… Continue

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Red light running is counterproductive

Despite various justifications people make, running red lights is done for selfish reasons and is bad PR for cyclists. At a time when we are trying to negotiate with government at all levels to improve conditions, safety and participation, we should behave as good ambassadors for cycling.

Firstly, definition of red-light running behavior for my rant:

*I’m not talking about flying through just as it goes from orange to red, or taking off just before it turns… Continue

Added by Nick on December 5, 2008 at 10:13pm — 22 Comments

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