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SPRING RIDE (with a touch of dirt)



Every now and then, I yearn for adventure. Indulging that impulse, I decided to investigate rumours that similar souls have cycled up and down the MacDonald River from Wisemans Ferry, via St. Albans... on a road…


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Hills Shire Council Bike Paths Network

Hills Council compiled a comprehensive plan for road cycling in 2009. In 2018, they continue to deliver on it. With major developments like North Kellyville along Cattai Creek, thousands of new homes are being built throughout the Hills. Residents and businesses need alternative, efficient transport options to events, shopping centres, schools, work and transit hubs. It's time to ride there, folks!…


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It is a privilege to experience the historic Convict Trail on a bicycle. The range of distances and terrain that a mountain bicycle can cover extremely efficiently, means that you get to see much more of this fascinating trail than you would on foot.

Wisemans Ferry is easily accessible from any suburb North West of Galston Gorge- eit…


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Europe Sojourn: the PARIS bicycling bits...

Regaled by negative stories of Paris Metro mayhem, and anxious about language barriers, I looked into using bicycles to get us around...


On our very first night there,…


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HA! I got 'Letter of the week' for my 'Metre Matters' missive.

Published this week in the HORNSBY ADVOCATE under 'Your Say.'
(I was motivated to write this after almost being struck by a car at the Maccas Dural Traffic circle...)…

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The coolest kind of artwork, is one that can take you places... I'm extremely chuffed with how my latest custom airbrushed Phoenix bike turned out. Now I'm sharing the ride-with you!

This is a my piece of Functional Art. For a change, I have custom airbrushed a new, plain black carbon fibre hardtail mtb frame for myself. My left-brained husband built it up for me from all the…


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Ridley Noah Airbrushed frame

Been lavishing my time on this...…


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Cyclists required at Hornsby Council Chambers, 7pm tonight!!

HSMBA will be stating their case for MTB trails in Hornsby. Please come and support them.

As usual, there will be a vocal opposition group, who know nothing about cycling

& can't seem to discern between a…


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Airbrushing a Ridley Noah

I'm making good progress on airbrushing a Ridley Noah CF frame, with some rather complex duplicate. I'm 'blogging' the process on , for those of you out there who are interested in following...

The pic. below is where I am at today. I've completed the airbrushing on the angels, now it's hand-brushing in the miniature details. Next I tackle a graphic on the head…


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Wollongong weekend.

Just got back from my mum & daughter weekend in Wollongong, first time I have ever visited it. In spite of the inclement weather, we managed to pack in a slow, two hour ride north, towards Ocean Park. What a lovely ride- all next to the sea and the beaches, all on bike paths, so safe for the family. I would like to return in summer and dive in for a swim somewhere along…


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Winter School Hols, family ride

Now that it's school hols, had a great little ride with the kids and a friend from Galston from Newington Armoury out to Haslams Lookout on Hills Road. Apart from the M7 & Windsor Road, this is the only flat riding area I know of in Sydney!…


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Just got back from a nice bit of circuit at Dural Curves. I rode my mtb there and back, and bombed down (and up) two kickass little hills on my gnarly little secret firetrail which runs parallel to Galston road! Can feel myself getting fitter (and hopefully lighter!?) I couldn't resist this kids T shirt I bought- the hilarious graphic really sums up how I see my riding right… Continue

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At Peace

Hey, reunited with my inner 60's child out on the forestry track at the end of Quarry Road, Dural this week. Biting cold fresh air, a mix of road and offroad to get there, cool new path parallel to busy Old Northern Road. Almost lost it on a jump- need to get my downhill skills sharpened up again. I felt such a sense of peace out there. Loved it! Could have ridden the whole day! I was wanting to attempt the whole 3hr mtb loop this weekend, but the freezing rain put me off this morning.…


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Yikes! How time flies...

So glad I've 'reunited' with this great networking site! Just as good as FB, only better because its all 'in the (bicycling) family.' Thus, if FB is a continent, then this site is an exotic little island!?

I'm really at peace now, with some great creative ideas flowing. Riding has taken a bit of a nosedive, since I was ill last year and didn't know it, but I'm feeling much better since my operation. Needless to say, everyone I used to ride with is heaps fitter and lighter than me so…


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I've been battling to paint consistently this year, let alone ride. After I got back from seeing my sister in Vancouver, and my youngest's first day of Kindy, I suffered a major creative block , and hated everything I made. All in all I've felt rather alone this year, but finally got some answers recently through doing the ARTsmart course in Parramatta. Instead of not painting, that's the very thing I need to do. Instead of not riding, that's the very thing I need to do. Other answers simply… Continue

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