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Whirlwind Sydney Visit

Hey all


I just spent an all too short couple of days in Sydney for a wedding. We arrived Wednesday night and left Monday morning, I did have a bike with me but ended up too busy / tired to ride much. I did do the Waterfall ride on Sunday, more on that in a moment.


A couple of little points of reflection.


Cycleways and bikes!


Oh my god, whoever thought Sydney would start leading the way ? I don't know if you guys are noticing…


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Happy Birthday Miles

Three and a bit years ago I put up a video here of my little boy, then two years old, flying down the hill on a balance bike.


A year later and he'd transitioned onto a bike with pedals and no training wheels and was doing pretty well.


Today he is 6. This is the first ride of his new bike, a second hand…


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My weekend of wheel building

On a cold morning in June, 9 men gathered around a table in Sydney. The topic of conversation was nipples.

No, it's not what you might be thinking. Perverts!

I'm talking of course about the first BikeWise Wheel Building course


When Patrick announced the course back in May I said I'd consider coming down for it, the more I considered it the…


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TDU - The Twitter Ride

"Good morning Dublin. Who wants a ride this afternoon ?"


That was how Lance's tradition of Twitter rides started. Since then he's put together rides in several cities, not so impromptu these days, police and ambulance are involved to make sure everyone is safe and the roads are managed.


Last years Twitter ride in Adelaide was such a big event…


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TDU Day 1 - Cav!

We flew out of Brisbane on Thursday morning and into Adelaide, and it appeared that we'd brought our weather with us. Neil Finn would be proud!


After buying a couple of umbrellas Miles and I set out for a walk into the city. First stop, the very excellent Bicycle Express in the Adelaide CBD to organise a loaner bike for Miles (in case a certain opportunity comes up). If you ever need a bike or any bits and pieces…


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Damian and Miles at the Tour Down Under

Hi all. Long time no speak! 
As you most likely know, the Pro cycling season really kicks off this week in Adelaide at the Tour Down Under.
The event happens every year on the roads surrounding Adelaide, and has been getting bigger and better every year. It was the race that kicked off Lance Armstrong's comeback, and the only race he's…

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1200kms for Kids team arrive in Brisbane

As you all probably know, David Taylor was taking part with a group of riders going from Sydney to Brisbane to raise money for seriously ill children and their families.If you didn't know, check out the page here and his blog posts about the ride.

Well the good news is, despite rain, hail, sleet, blood, sweat and tears they made it to Brisbane…

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Pimp my ride

I put a post up on Brisbane cyclist about a bike modification project I've been thinking about this week.

Thought I'd get lots of comments from the Sydney lot as well.

Any thoughts ? Feel free to add here :)

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Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards

Well as you probably know by now, last week I was awarded the Cycling Award of the Year in the Honorary category for Sydney Cyclist. The awards are an initiative of the Cycling Promotion Fund and aim to recognise innovation and contribution to promote cycling in the community.

The event was somewhat…

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Postcard from Brisbane

Well this is long overdue....

Hi everyone, and Merry Christmas, I hope everyone has been having a good one!

The two months I've had since moving out of Sydney at the beginning of November has been probably the busiest time of my life. Between my main work project, a couple of others that didn't get finished up before I left sydney, recruiting, house hunting, moving, Christmas and running the website for a little boat… Continue

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Totally offtopic musings on customer service and reputation

Some recent events have led me to consider issues around reputation, and more specifically online reputation.

I believe most successful proprieters of service based industries realise that some people do have bad experiences, for whatever reason, and it's how we deal with this that shapes our reputation.

I believe that every negative can be viewed as an opportunity.

I believe that most disatisfied customers can be turned into a loyal advocate with… Continue

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My big news - moving on

I hinted at this with my status message the other day - I have some big-ish news.

We (Sammy and the kids and I) have decided to leave Sydney and move to Brisbane.....yep, shocking. I wouldn't have predicted it myself a few months ago.

I've got an opportunity to transfer with my current job to Brisbane, we need more people on our team up there.

Sam and I are in need of a bit of a change of scenery, so it… Continue

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So proud of my little boy

So on Sunday we headed to Cenennial Park for a BBQ with some friends. Miles (who has just turned four) was going a bit stir crazy having been inside for a few days so we decided to take his new bike, and I rode mine over.

So, despite the wind, which was savage, Miles has now ridden his first lap of Centennial park! and is very proud of riding four kilometers when he is four.…


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Don't you hate it when your bike develops a creak ?

Mine did this week, somewhere on the left hand side of the handlebars. It stopped if I took my hand off the brake hoods, so I figured it was there. Nothing serious, I thought I'd spend a few minutes this weekend to check it out.

So Thursday night I was riding home from work....creak....creak... getting pretty annoying but whatever. I hit Enmore road, and as I accelerated up the hill past a car I felt the bars move a… Continue

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You gotta love big Jens, with him being down in that horrible crash this week a lot of people have been talking about their favourite Jens moments.

Here is mine..

and this one, which I saw today that had me cracking… Continue

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On Contador being "unprofessional"

I ended up in a conversation on Twitter today with Weiyun and Simon Sharwood. I didn't get to finish what I had to say, and it really requires a little more than 140 characters so I decided to write a blog post.

At issue is that Contador was "unprofessional" for attacking… Continue

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Tour climbs explained

In another thread, Kylie was questioning the definition of Hors Categorie and Neil stepped in to explain the "beyond category" climbs in the tour.

I thought I'd post the best explaination I've found.

You take a Citroen 2CV (See below) and try to drive it up the climb. If it will do it in 4th gear, it's a 4th category climb. If you need to put it in third, it's a category three and so on. If it won't get up the mountain at all, it's a Hors Categorie climb.

Hope… Continue

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Tour predictions

I spent some time tonight putting together my team for Tony's Fantasy TdF league and got to thinking about what I think is going to happen this year.

It's a bit of a wildcard tour, last years winner is on a new team without Bjarne's rat cunning. The obvious favourites are on Astana, but that just looks like a team ready to explode. If the management don't do it first, then will Contador get held back… Continue

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Dumb things you have done

So I did a dumb thing today.

When I got to work I locked my bike up downstairs, as usual, and got in the lift up to the office.

Tonight, when I went downstairs, I unlocked the lock and started to take it off. Something was different, wrong even.

Turns out, I had locked the rear wheel to the frame, but neglected to attach any part of it to the bike rack! Lucky I was in a nice undercover office bike rack or I'd most likely be down one road bike tonight. I feel… Continue

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A chance meeting

This morning was a great example of how much fun this site is.

I just got home from the Addison Rd markets in Marrickville. I was hanging around, drinking coffee and talking to Phil about all sorts of stuff tech, media and cycling related.

While I was there, I spied a bike that looked familiar.

"Hey, I recognise that bike, you're on Sydney… Continue

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