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The Commute By Bike blog today has a good post about some defensive riding techniques taught to motorcyclists that are equally applicable to cyclists. It nicely sums up what most of us do instinctively and definitely is worth remembering to pass on to newer riders.


  • Scan - Constantly scan the environment…

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Part of the problem

I went out for a short ride this afternoon, the ride starts with me rolling down down Booth st towards Annandale. Booth St has a bike lane on each side, but it also has a few industrial complexes so you have to keep an eye out for cars and trucks backing out.

So today I was rolling down the hill, at perhaps 40km/h when I saw a car starting to back out from a driveway. He very likely couldn't see me due to the parked cars, so I pulled into the lane for a few seconds. As I did that a… Continue

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Review - Shimano Galaxy Glasses

It was a very Melbourne-like day, going from sunny to overcast to light rain and back to sunny every 20 minutes. A perfect day to test out my new Shimano Galaxy glasses with Photochromatic lenses.

I’d wanted some new glasses for a while, my BBB Winners have…


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New year, more riding

Happy New Year everyone! It's a little late I know.

I posted recently about my very inconsistent riding over the last few months and a motivation slump in trying to get back into it. This is over, 2008 sees me motivated to ride more and ride harder.

I've been riding every day, back doing intervals and have been walking around for the last few days with very sore legs, something I haven't felt for a while. When I'm riding a lot, a rainy day like today doesn't bother me, as… Continue

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