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and now... ouch

I had a good weekend of riding. I decided to head back to Heffron park and try my hand at racing again. I haven't been there since last March. Just as I was getting into it a number of things happened in my life, moving, work, travel, new baby etc etc that stopped me from training with any sort of consistency and I didn't go back.

So for the last few weeks I've been thinking about heading back to Heffron and seeing if I can still do it, to see if I can finish with the group and not… Continue

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Thank you Mitchell Lawlor!

Your hilarious piece of satire in this morning's Herald made my day.

You managed to jam in every Daily Telegraph cliche into one letter, brilliantly done sir. This will do wonders by encouraging debate within the community (not mention lots of activity here) and get people talking about cycling. Cycling has its nutjobs, but letters like this show the backwards thinking… Continue

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If it makes you happy....

then why are you so sad ?

When Sheryl Crow sang that, she wasn't talking about cycling, but it strikes me as oddly relevant lately.

The idea of this site was originally to discuss cycling in Sydney, lately we're spending more time on petrol prices, poorly thought out or executed infrastructure, and complaining about cars, the NRMA and politicians.

I realise that these things are all current issues, and do affect our lives, but does cycling suck that much that we… Continue

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Sunrise commuter challenge

Did anyone see the bike vs car commute challenge this morning on Sunrise ?

I have some of it recorded, if I can figure out how to edit it down I'll post it up over the weekend, but Pedaller has a summary.

Closer to home in Sydney, Chanel 7's Sunrise team have just finished a car vs bicycle commuter challenge. They took their sports commentator, Mark Beretta, who has just bought…

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Hating Cyclists

Adrian has started doing some analysis of public comments in the aftermath of the bunch incident on Southern Cross Drive. It's a very interesting read and I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes it.

Nice work Adrian!

Check it out here.

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Endless flat tyres

No this is not a post about my new bike :)

Has anyone else had lots of problems with flats lately ?

I guess the rain isn't helping, but there seems to be more glass out there than usual. My ride to flat ratio on the road bike is currently running at 1:1.

Added to that, I've had a really annoying problem with rim tape slipping sideways on the rim, exposing the spoke holes. Usually what that means is in the morning, a perfectly good tube has a hole in it. On a bad day,… Continue

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Newbie fixie commuting, day 1 and 2

In part to annoy Dave, I thought I might post up my experiences riding the fixie as a total n00b.

I bought it on Saturday, and rode around the back streets of Leichhardt for a bit to get the hang of it. I kept passing another cyclist, eventually I realised he was on a brand new… Continue

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Joining the poseur ranks

Yep, I've done it.

I've wanted the orange one for ages, but when I saw the green it just oozed style.

It was my size, test ride was fun, the price was right, I had to have it.

"Easiest bike sale I've ever made" says the guy.

"Easiest bike purchase I've ever made" says I.

I present to you, my new toy.

Of course, the… Continue

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