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Riding in Olympic Park

I got out for a lunchtime ride today and chose Olympic Park as my destination. I like riding out there, it has a little bit of something for everyone. If you want to have a nice easy ride, especially with kids, there is a great network of paths, and they do bike hire and supply maps. Things get a little crowded on weekends and you see a few wobbly riders, but if you go through the week the place is…


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Here comes train!

A great thing about riding a bike around inner city areas is the bike gives me a great way to get close to the action, much easier than having to find a place to park a car and walk.

This comes in very handy when you have a two year old boy with a train and fire engine obsession.…


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Easy ride around Centennial Park

I had a nice and easy ride around Centennial Park today with Phil. It was a chance to get a ride in before the rain, chat about the site and also get some photos to put up.

While we were out, Phil recorded a mobile podcast you can listen to here :

Spinopsys Mobilecast #3 - Riding around Centennial Park

Then it was time for a quick… Continue

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Sunday morning ride

Today was the day of the Spring Cycle, a ride I've done and enjoyed for the last two years. This year I hadn't gotten around to entering, and when I had a look yesterday I'd missed the cutoff. A good friend of mine had done the same, so we decided to do our own ride. We decided on the La Perouse loop as a nice easy ride that we didn't have to be up too early for (we both have new babies, and other halves that deserve some sleep).

We got off at about 7, and the ride started slowly with… Continue

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Playing with Ning

So I've had an idea to build a Sydney centric cycling site (how's that for an alliteration) for a while. Phil was playing with Ning a while back, and I had a quick look and didn't think much about it at the time. The other day I was riding and it popped back into my head, and tonight it did that again and I thought I'd have a look at the possibility of building what I wanted.

It seems to fit… Continue

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