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Bikes Rock opening party

Well I managed to get myself invited to the Film festival opening party last night (Thanks Adam!). What a fun night. I met a couple of members of the site, ran into some old friends, talked bikes and generally had a good time.

We got to see a preview of some of the films screened outside in the parking lot too.

I was going to take some pics, but I found that it helps to check the battery on your camera more than 4 minutes before you walk out the door. Nevermind, there were… Continue

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Bike errands

Despite getting my bike back on Thursday night, events have conspired against me getting out for a decent ride. When I say "events", I mainly mean my own inability to get out of bed early over the last few days. I've been waking up, deciding "nah, I'll go out later" then when "later" rolls around I've been deciding it's too hot.

I'll ride tomorrow!

I did get out and run some errands on my other bike today though, first stop was a visit to the… Continue

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All's well that ends well

I thought I'd post the ending to this unfortunate incident. My bike is fixed, the driver paid for the damage (just a front wheel and bar tape) and dropped over a nice bottle of wine as well. She has good friends that ride and felt terrible about the whole thing. We've spoken a few times and I don't harbour any bad feelings towards her at all, it was just an accident, and really, I came away with no… Continue

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DamianM vs Car

So that's my front wheel at the moment.

I was almost home after a lunchtime ride today when I came to a roundabout. As I started through the roundabout the lady to my left just started moving forwards, I yelled something, I heard a yell from the car, the next thing I knew I was knocked to the ground.

Fortunately, I am fine. The bike appears to be fine other than the front wheel, which is history. I'll get the bike checked…


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