I thought this was the pick of the letters today

The petroleum party is coming to a close, the good times can't go on forever. Will we be like raging drunks and keep scrounging for that last squeeze from the cask, and regret it all tomorrow? Or do we plan for change now, and leave the scene with dignity, minimising the potential damage? (
Mark Slocum Dulwich Hill)

And Micheal Duffy deserves an award from the flat earth society for these profound insights...

Driving around the airport in rush hour this week, I saw something that encapsulated a modern conundrum. Two cyclists were pedalling along, keeping all the peak traffic in the lane behind them down to a crawl.

Now we all know getting people onto bicycles is a good thing for the environment in theory. But you have to wonder if allowing them on busy roads might be a triumph of symbolism over substance. The average car needs to travel at between 55 kmh and 90 kmh to achieve the minimum possible air pollution.

I know some cyclists go at 55 kmh, but most don't. These two certainly weren't. They were slowing down the traffic, forcing thousands of cars to emit more greenhouse gases than they would have otherwise.

Yes, you heard it right. Its the cyclists who are responsible for climate change.

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Comment by KimR on May 25, 2008 at 4:23pm
I thought Michael Duffy's comments were pretty dumb, he then goes on to advocate nuclear power, something even the Liberal party has abandoned. It's funny how people like him, Miranda Divine, Andrew Bolt etc all start life as reporters. So they are trained to do research, find news and relay it to us in an impartial manner. But when you get to write an opinion column, you are allowed to use facts very selectivley and without context, to justify whatever views you hold. I think newspapers are losing their influnce, but we still need better jounalism than this.
Comment by Colin on May 26, 2008 at 8:40pm
Michael Duffy is a skilled troll. He's managed to find a particular instance where it is possible to argue that a couple of cyclists were increasing global warming, while ignoring the vastly more numerous instances of the opposite.

I actually admire his shit-stirring ability - I just wish he used it for good instead of evil.
Comment by Colin on May 26, 2008 at 11:46pm
Not if he's talking about Southern Cross Drive heading southbound in the morning or northbound in the evening. I know, because I use to drive it every day. Traffic usually moves at the speed limit (80km/h) or just above.


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