Now that i'm all motivated and ready to get back on my bike and do the daily commute, I was toying with the idea of getting into riding as a sport.

I have an OCR-2 which from what i have read is a pretty good entry level road bike and have often thought about giving road racing ago.

I live in marrickville and so the tempe velodrome is but 5 minutes down the road. During my rugby days i was a flanker and so acceleration has always been my strongest asset (endurance was never really my thing) and so figure that the sprint would be a good event for me. 200m flat out, i could do that.

I am also a massive fan of trials riding, both motorised and non motorised and have always thought i would be pretty damn good at it (i was a motorbike postie for about 3 years and you get real good at not putting you feet down and riding one handed on all sorts of terrain when the quicker you do it the quicker you go home).

I have always been amazed by flatland riders too. how they get themselves around those bikes is amazing to watch and i think it would be a wonderully challenging and rewarding activity. I was big into footbag for a few years (hackysack check it out here) and i figure that it would be a very similar learning process. try new tricks until you nail them and move on to harder ones. once you have a few in the bag, string them together and away you go.

With all these choices whats a boy to do??

If money were no option then i'd go ahead and buy a bike for each one but alas, in the real world, i am not so monetarially endowed (did i just make up the word "monetarially" BTW?)

I'm thinking road racing for the obvious reason of it wont cost me anything to get into and from what i understand the dulwich hill guys race, so it would be an easy way to get started and meet some people in my area.

Trials does hold a certain alure for me though but i have no idea where to score an appropriate bike for this in sydney and google hasn't helped me out any here at all.

If anyone out there races or competes in any of the other activities i have mentioned i would love to hear about your experiences and any advice you might have to offer.

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Comment by DamianM on June 20, 2008 at 4:45pm
WIth your location, you should definitely hook up with Dulwich Hill. They do track, as well as a slow training ride on Saturdays, a longer and faster ride down to waterfall and back on Sundays, and criterium racing at Heffron on Saturday afternoons with RBCC.

With your bike you could do the longer rides and Heffron park, if you speak to Lindsay he might be able to help you out with a cheap or loaner bike for the track too.
Comment by T6079 on June 20, 2008 at 4:48pm
I'm busy this saturday but plan on joining in on the slow ride the following saturday. Will ask the guys then.
Comment by Adrian on June 20, 2008 at 5:36pm
Definitely come along for Dulwich Hill's saturday slowies ride. If you want to try track there is a good chance they'll be a bike you can borrow to try out, but the biggest barrier for new track riding is you need a Cycling Australian Ride It license to use the velodrome (for insurance). I think they're around $60. Also to see track racing there is now a competition called RAW (Race All Winter) Track which starts tonight at Dunc Gray. Well worth checking out for a window into competitive track racing.


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