So this morning i thougtht i would try something that i have been thinking about for ages. I joined in with the marrickville bike bus for the commute, just to see what it was all about.

4 of us took off from illawarra rd at about 7 and away we went at a very cruisy pace. Admittedly, after yesterdays "i am lance armstrong" effort up the hill, i was glad to be in a pack that were not in a rush and were avoiding all the big hills.

As we head into newtown we pick up a couple more and away we go again.

While the pace was far from racey, the conversation was great. Just cruising along allowed us to chat away about all and sundry and i met some great people who clearly love cycling. Admittedly, none of my mates ride, so i have always been a solo rider, and it was great to be in a pack (if only the 6 of us) riding and chatting.

Riding in a pack also meant that we could occupy a bit more of the road and not be forced into the gutters where i would usually ride. We clearly annoyed one or two cagers but they'll get over it i'm sure.

Also, having now ridden the route i now know that there is a "flat" way to go as opposed to the "hilly" way i usually head in. Good for those days when i'm not feeling the need to climb.

All in all a great experience and one i'm sure to repeat again on a semi regular basis. The pace was a bit slow for me in the sense of getting some excercise, and right now i need to loose about 10kg (has been the laziest winter ever), but the people and ride were great. Plus i think the more numbers you can get on a ride like this, the safer the ride will be and the more exposure the idea of a "bike bus" will get. Might encourage a few drivers to come and join us!

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Comment by Adrian on June 24, 2008 at 10:51am
Good stuff. It certainly is much less stressful riding up Elizabeth street with the bike bus than going it alone. Having a chat with other cyclists is a nice way to get rid of any commuter blues.
Comment by Kim on June 24, 2008 at 12:26pm
I usually like to ride to work by myself but I once had the opporunity to ride with the bike bus and it was a great experience. I liked to social aspect and that there were so many of us. It was great to see people riding in their work clothes (including dresses). I recommend anyone who lives in that area and rides to the city to try out the bike bus even if they are an experienced cyclist. All the credit should go to BikeSaint.
Comment by Miguel on June 27, 2008 at 3:45pm
Completely agree. I really had problems motivating myself to get back into riding to work after a car-dooring last year, so I joined the bike bus on the recommendation of my neighbour, Pauline. It's friendly, a fantastic way to learn the back street routes through Marrickville and Newtown and safe. I also learnt things about safe riding tips that will save me another meeting with someone's car door.


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