What a great way to start the weekend.

I finally got around to joining in with the DHBC saturday slowies ride on the weekend. Sure it was dark and freezing cold when i jumped on the bike to head on up illawarra to mick mazza's bike shop to meet the group but it was well worth it.

First one there (i'm usually early to most things) but it wasn't long before others arrived and the group was formed and ready for take off right on time.

We headed to the park at a nice cruisy pace (quicker than the bike bus but still very cruisy). On the ride there i met a lovely lady by the name of lisa and we pretty well rode together the entire time. Neither one of us was in a mad rush and we rode comfortably about the same speed so it was all good.

At the park the group breaks up as everyone takes off to do there own thing and i got in 4 laps whilst there. This week we had to nominate a lap time and try and get as close to that nominated time as we could. We missed ours, of nine minutes, by just 5 seconds, you'd think good enough for a win but alas not even a 2 second result was good enough. The grand prize of coffee and cake was won by a 1 second off nominated time (pretty damn good).

Leaving the park just after 8, we cruise on back to the marra for a well deserved latte (mental note to self, order the large latte next time) and a good chat with the rest of the bunch.

Home by 9:15, quick shower and i'm ready for the weekend and feeling a million bucks. Great way to start the weekend.

Can't wait for next weeks ride. Will be back for sure.

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Comment by Jonathon Troy on June 30, 2008 at 10:48am
It is a good ride and I hope you keep coming. I like the people on the ride - they make the ride what it is.


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