Gentlemen, Start your engines....

As metioned in a previous post, i've been thinking about getting into cycling as a sport. Well, this satruday my brilliant racing carrer will begin. I'm going to be racing at heffron park this saturday.

I was thinking i should train until i thought i was fit enough, but i'm bored with that idea already. i figure i might aswell just jump in and have a crack. My goal for this weekend is simply to show up and race. if i finish it'll be a bonus, but i'm in no way expecting to.

Keep an eye out for me and feel free to say gday and/or offer some advice. i'll be the new guy, probably hanging out with linsday from DHBC. He has graciously offered to meet me there and walk me through the process of getting started.

look out F grade here i come!! :)

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Comment by T6079 on July 21, 2008 at 10:43am
UPDATE: Due to gett8gni a hideous throat infection i gave racing a miss this week. i did, however, go to heffron for a look and after watching the D grade racing, i am confident i cna mix it with those guys. yey for that. all going to plan i'll be there next saturday!


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