Bike Parking Enclosure designed by Kafka

Since bad cycling infrastructure seems to be a leitmotif of sydneycyclist, I thought I might share my own anecdote.

I meet up with a lady from Hornsby this morning to talk about her idea for developing a fietsstalling bike parking facility at the train station. On my way back from Hornsby to Macquaire uni I thought I might survey a few more train stations to see what bike parking facilities existed in that area. As I arrived in Wahroonga I was incredibly excited to see this sign:

Wow... a real bike parking enclosure. That would be a first for a sydney train station. Then I saw another sign on a pole in the centre of the main street:

For the next twenty minutes I wandered aimlessly around every street and corner of Wahoonga town centre trying to find the sign-posted "bicycle parking enclosure". I probably asked 10 different people on the street and no-one had ever heard of it. If it actually does exist, please let me know, otherwise I'm to assume that this is some sort of practical joke to catch me off guard.

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Comment by Neil Alexander on August 9, 2008 at 9:41am
Our theory: Either the bike "parking enclosure" has Kafka-esquely turned into a cockroach and scuttled off, or this is a sign of things to come, along the lines of "watch this space" (but don't hold your breath).


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