Over the last week, Mr Alan Evans of the NRMA started an amazing debate with cyclists around the under-use of a cycleway facility that wasn't even completed. There were many letters replying in the Herald, some pro - cycling articles, Clover Moore got into the debate, then Lisa Prior described Alan's remarks as the 'cyclist's oyster... providing the grit for cultural change', then there was more media coverage on the news and on radio talkback, and suprise, suprise... most of it has been very positive for cyclists leaving the car lobby choking on its own fumes. Alan even tried to patch things up with a more considered reply in the Herald. According to Alan, the Epping Rd cycleway will not be a nirvana for cyclists. Thats ok Alan, cyclists don't need to go to nirvana, but the last time I rode along Epping Road it sure didn't look like a nirvana for motorists.
Anyway, yesterday I did something I havn't done for a while – I drove a car. As I'm moving houses I find them very useful sometimes. As I drove between Redfern and Burwood I saw cyclists everywhere in vast numbers. Seeing so many peddlers gave me a sense of joy and bliss. We're winning... Thanks Alan, this song is dedicated to you...
All the roads that lead to struggles Bring you back to where you need Some reassurance in your own depth, Only you can see, but let others feel Peace in my mind i'm so happy to find As i get on my trek with a headstart back to you.

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