2011 stocktake - Egocentric statistical nerdom

Credit to Si for "Egocentric statistical nerdom" title.

A quick stocktake of my year cycling in 2011. 

- joined Audax Australia (the long distance cycling club)

- dnf'd my first audax ride (rear gear cable snapped), completed 1 x 100, 5 x 200, 1 x 300.

- rode the 3 Peaks event in March (a ride that makes all the others seem ok)

- rode inaugural Canberra-Mogo Zoo2Zoo in Sept

- rode first 300km audax in Oct 

- rode Sydney-Dubbo Zoo2Zoo again, then solo ride from Dubbo to Canberra just for fun in Oct

- didn't buy a new bike :-(

- dreamt about buying a new bike :-)

- have nearly finished building 1st wheel (a rear)

- finally cracked 7000km in the calendar year after 2 years falling just short (and I didn't ride during June or July!)

- road bike is now 2 1/2 years old, 68 rides in that time, average distance now over 100km per ride. I don't know why but I love that stat.

- been riding regularly for 3 years now. Might now qualify as more than just another "fad". (Sounds like the start of business case for a new bike)

- first competitive ride in the bike leg of the nepean triathlon.

- 1st puncture on the road bike,

- 4 punctures on the tractor, 2 on the highway heading to bathurst and orange (so much crap on the side of the road) and 2 on the commute (1 a genuine, the other a poor repair).

Goals for 2012?

- sort out re-fueling on long rides and test it out another 300km audax

- complete "year round randonneur" (an audax 200 every month , Nov-Oct, 2 down, 10 to go)

- complete building 2 wheels

- ride more dirt

- stretch regularly

- lose 5 kg

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Comment by Michael O'Reilly on January 2, 2012 at 1:14pm

One puncture in 2.5 years of riding that road bike???? What are you using for tyres?

Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on January 2, 2012 at 3:13pm

Vittoria Rubino Pro. They get cut up a bit and I pick the glass out of the tyres between long rides and they aren't super long wearing. 

Comment by Andrew on January 8, 2012 at 10:19am

Wow thats some serious numbers and well done - what about adding (that is if you do not already), riding to the pub, shops, visiting a gallery etc

Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on January 9, 2012 at 7:00am

Riding to work. That's about it. I still haven't got into using a bike to go shopping. Something to aim for.


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