A great afternoon with the kids (21/5/11)

I had planned to go on Rob K's ride today, but when I mentioned it to my wife, it didn't go down too well.


I did get out on the bike after a bit of negotiation (give in and go with her to her parents). Jasmine rode her 12" bike on training wheels from Tanya's parents place (near intersection of Hume Hwy & Cabramatta Rd) along the footpath, which Hannah was too scared to (Seemed too narrow for her with trees invading the space). We got down to Hoy Park (near the boat ramp) when Tanya called and said Hannah wants to come, so we waited there while Tanya loaded Hannah's 16" bike in the car and came to meet us. From there it was a leisurely ride along the riverbank on the wide footpath (no paint so technically not an SUP, right?). where we passed a group of about a dozen remote control sail boats using the lake (yes only 8 in the photo, but more near the shore out of sight), so stopped to have a look, then continued on. 

Jasmine got nearly to where the path meets with the end of Hollywood Drive, and was buggered, so I called Tanya and she came and picked up Jasmine from the new carpark at the end of Hollywood Drive (3.6km! Go Jasmine!). Hannah and I continued on the path to the circuit and headed anticlockwise around it. I found that a little bridge that goes over to an island had been burnt, and so have sent an email tonight to a lady i know in Fairfield Council. We started heading back towards Nanny's place when we heard the scream of a nitro powered remote control boat flying across the water. Those things can MOVE! (I reckon it was doing more than the 8 knot speed limit in bursts). By the time we got to where the guy was standing, it had stopped so we continued on the path around to the anchor and took some photos. Then that familiar scream, so we watched another one that he had doing little circuits for a while. After that one had stopped (they must be very tempremental things), we continued to Hoy Park where Hannah played on the play equiptment and swings. And then headed back to Nanny's for the rest of the afternoon.(about 9kms total)

It certainly is a nice little recreational strip along the Chipping Norton Lakes (and Georges River) where there are people walking, riding, sailing, using remote control boats and fishing (even though the sign say the fish aren't able to be eaten).


A quick little plug. This section of the river is part of the WSCN's Community ride on Sunday June 5th, if anyone's interested to come.



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Comment by PeterT on May 24, 2011 at 1:27pm
It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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