Reading the recent threads around riding the Royal National Park and compact cranks had me determined to test my legs in the RNP. Rain and wind, there was no stopping me. So armed with my compact cranks, I started unusually early. Straight away the legs felt heavy and the bike sluggish, but I kept on. Through the Shire, the first hill to Loftus had me struggling. So I thought until I noticed I was fast catching the riders in front of me.

Turning off into the RNP, the rough road and steep descend into Audley had me worried. And I with good reason. The climb out of Audley had me out of gears, legs and almost the will to live. Grinding, I made it to the top and was rewarded with a head wind that brought mist and fog. Now I knew why every other rider I saw was heading the opposite way. Catching myself grinding again, I decided to try the small chain ring. And then my front derailleur jammed, and then refused to shift down. Several attempts at fixing it failed, leading to a very nervous moment when I dropped the chain doing 50kph.

By time I started climbing McKell Ave, the weather had cleared and I had worked out to drop the chain down a chainring with my foot. Lucky I could still shift up. Smashed the climb into Waterfall, found the rhythm that had deserted me earlier and then enjoyed the tail wind all the way home.

Going to have to try again, maybe on a nicer day.

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Comment by PeterT on February 12, 2011 at 9:26pm

Grrrrr... Show off!



Congrats and great effort mate. Now, hand over those compact cranks!

Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on February 13, 2011 at 3:56pm
"and almost the will to live" great description of that climb.
Sounds like neither your bike or RNP were on their best behavior.


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