An unexpected day of fun on my bike

Sunday was an unexpected day of fun and spontaneous cycling.

Having planned to meet some of the girls from this site for a ride from Waterfall to Wollongong the ominous weather forecast meant we met at Martin Place at 7.30am instead for a shorter ride locally. I was thankful as I had drunk a bit too much wine the night before:)

Cycling along George St at that time was awesome – I had the road to myself, a lovely contrast to the usual trip around the CBD.

As it was Annabel’s last day and last ride in Australia before going overseas with no return date she wanted to cycle past some of the beaches, so we headed to Centennial then on to Bronte.

Centennial was a car free day but we were practically the only cyclists there with most obviously still not realising that the sun was coming out.

As if to put on a fitting goodbye the grey clouds parted and the sun began to shine, it became a glorious morning and perfect for a coastal ride. As we flew down to Bronte the view was awesome and at the bottom took a moment for some photos – hopefully we will get to see some more scenic shots of Annabel and her bike in Spain and wherever else she ends up:) Note their awesome riding gear! (I let the look down in my cycle top:)

We cycled on following the coast past Tamarama and then to Bondi. The others put me and my gears to shame, getting up those hills on their fixed gear bikes was awesome to watch - no way that I could do that!

We headed back to Centennial by which time more cyclists had come out to enjoy the sunshine and made our way to breakfast via Bourke and Crown St. Unfortunately, on Crown, less than 100 meters from our destination, someone opened their door without looking and knocked Emily over with Annabel behind also falling. I was lucky, I had been riding parallel to Emily so was not knocked over. I wasn’t quite sure who or which bike to untangle first but luckily there were no cars on the road where they landed and neither of them were badly hurt, just shaken. The bikes came out unscathed it seemed as well. It was a good reminder to always be on your guard in these ‘bike lanes’. I felt partly to blame as we may have been talking at the time. Both of us saw the door opening as if in slow motion but couldn’t avoid it in time, luckily we were going at a slow speed. The occupants of the cars seemed to be very shaken about the incident though they clearly had had no idea that the bike lane was there! Hopefully they will never do it again.

We had a great breakfast and had a really nice time chatting – it was sad to say goodbye to Annabel, who I had only just met but I was very excited for her and her awaiting adventures touring Spain.

As I headed off I called my boyfriend who was also out riding with a friend and we met up in Kensington. Since the weather was so nice and everyone was enjoying being out on the bike so much we decided to ride to Cronulla for a coffee. We went via Roseberry (taking the police detour due to the pub hold up) and found our way onto the bike path that led us right past the airport. It was fantastic to watch the planes take off and land so close by. We continued on along the bike paths before getting on to the Parade where I got to practice some drafting. That was great fun. Flat and straight – it’s the only time I am any good:) Since we were in a leisurely move we took the shared bike path to Cronulla. There were lots of kids on bikes about and most parents were friendly – though some seemed to take offense to a polite honk to say we were coming slowly past. A polite bell ding is not the same as an agro car honk people, its meant to be a courteous!

Had a great lunch in Cronulla then cycle home – missing the rain except for a few light sprinkles on our street. All up I did an unexpected 70km and it was so much fun to ride in the sun, go where you felt inclined and enjoying the company of friends. Oh yeah and my favourite riding motivation – coffee and food:)

Anyway – it's days like these that I know why I love cycling!

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Comment by Neil Alexander on June 3, 2009 at 2:46pm
Comment by Susan on June 3, 2009 at 4:58pm
Very envious indeed!

And I know what you mean about those fixies leaving you on the hills, they did it to me the other week and I was shocked at how fast they sped up those hills! must practise more hills is my new mantra.


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