Most days, I ride to and from work along Burns Bay Road. On the upper section through Lane Cove, I probably get at least one motorist a day who comes closer than 1m. It has a 50km/h limit; it's marked with signs for caution due to pedestrian activity, and has a number of pedestrian refuges along its length. It should be a good road for cycling, but the unfortunate 'door-zone' markings make is much more dangerous than it should be.

(As an aside, there's plenty of room for separated bike lanes on this road, although somehow I don't see the (rather anti-bike) council ever doing that. Another cheaper approach would be to put a double-width bike lane in uphill, move the centre line over and remove the downhill one, as has been done in places in Leichardt )

The other day I got a particularly egregious close pass; one where I could have reached out and touched the car:

This was one I thought I would take to the police. Not that I have much faith they will do much, but hey.

So I took the footage in. Unfortunately the front cam was not charged, so I didn't have the footage with the bike wheel in shot. 

However, the reaction from the police constable on duty was not what I expected. "Wow!', he gasped, as he watched the video. 'Geez, that really is close!'. Then he looked at me, and asked if I'd brought footage in before.

I said I had, and he seemed to remember. However, he was much more enthusiastic this time. 'This is much better than last time,' he commented. 'You can see it's really really close!'.

So it seems he is going to follow it up. Which is a good thing. Comparing the footage with the last incident (see here), it looks pretty similar to me. Luck of the draw, or are the police starting to take this a bit more seriously, perhaps jolted by press coverage like this?

We will see!

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Comment by Dabba on February 23, 2017 at 2:28pm

You were helped by the frame of reference that the marked cycle lanes gave. It was a distance that plod could equate to. As a suggestion, I'd recommend that you try to get some of your rear wheel into the pic too. That can further establish your position on the road.

Lucky he/she wasn't closer! Good luck with plod's efforts.

Comment by Dan on February 23, 2017 at 2:40pm

Normally I have both cams running, and the front one points forward and down, giving my front wheel in the shot with the car alongside, like this:

However, the battery was flat, so didn't get that angle this time.

(The pic above is from yet another one, which I didn't bother taking to the cops. So many, it's crazy. I did think that I should just take them all, but I'd waste half my life in the cop shop if I did...)


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