Being a bit harsh on myself does help

Third day I rolled between home and work within walking distance. I suddenly feel smarter already - I changed my choice of street from what I usually walk on to one that has less traffic, and all of a sudden this sense of awareness and "route detection" clicked into my head. Now when I see a street I naturally evaluate how cycling friendly it is for my level of comfort.


Today I also pushed myself mentally to pedal up an up slope when I was heading home. I was struggling to take off near work, and I was getting frustrated, so when no one was looking (I think - it's a quiet lane), I started telling myself "GO GO GO GO GO" under my breath as I forced myself to get those wheels rolling. Really surprisingly, as I mentally push myself to go forward, I suddenly regain my balance and rolled all the way back home, on traffic (not pedestrian), and non-stop (I slowed down at intersection of course), Whenever I feel myself staggering like usual, I repeat the chant in my head and somehow I kept going in a straight line without steering away further like before.


Now I am really happy and I reckon I deserve to get a bit over excited. 

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Comment by dr bean on October 27, 2011 at 1:05pm

Be Zen about the hills - the time it takes you to get to the top is the time it takes you to get to the top. :-)


Oh, and if you need to get off and walk, no-one is really paying attention!

Comment by PeterT on October 27, 2011 at 2:53pm

During my first ride up Gladesville Bridge, I was weaving and struggling up and remember being scolded by a woman rding down to keep a straight line and to my side of the path. Now I can ride up that bridge without threathening to collide with other path users and even have capacity to admire the view on the ascent.

Good on you for sticking with it, pushing yourself that little bit more - it'll get easier :)


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