Hi Sydney Cyclists

Congratulations on your membership achievement from Vancouver, BC, Canada,
and from MOMENTUM magazine ( www.momentumplanet.com ).

Perhaps you can share our greetings with the cyclists at your party.

And by all means have a look at MOMENTUM -- it is available free online at the website above.

Might be interesting to have something from you for the magazine if someone could put a brief item together -- preferably with a photo or two.

Ron Richings
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Comment by Doddsy on July 10, 2009 at 6:53pm
I love momentum...

Thoroughly recommend it.

Will bring a few issues to the Alexandria tomorrow night.

Hi Ron we need momentum to be made available in Aussieland (without the shipping costs)
Have you ever thought about getting them printed and distributed down here?

Would your advertising sponsors be interested?

I volunteer to put one in every business waiting area in Sydney (on top of Cosmo and the womans weekly)
Comment by Ron Richings on July 10, 2009 at 7:34pm
Hmmm. I am fairly sure that Australia has never been discussed as a distribution area.
I assume that most people who read it there do so by downloading the free pdf from the website.
I think that the same is true for the readers we have in Europe.

Probably wouldn't be a big deal to send a high quality pdf version to an Australian printer, but the real rub is likely the cost of printing.

Not at all sure about advertisers as most have national distributors and may not be too interested in what happens outside of their territory. For major brands like Trek, Specialized, etc. that may not be a concern.

Perhaps it would be useful to spread the MOMENTUM 'word' to other cycling groups down under. Do you have a contact list for major cities where something could be posted/circulated to encourage cyclists to check out the web pages and pdf download?
If that got going to a significant degree it might make the possibility of a printed version look more viable, but probably a pretty long shot in any event.

But I will touch base with the Publisher on this. And I think that there should be some way to see how much web traffic with MOMENTUM is coming from Australia.

Thanks for the interest, and anything that you can do to make more Aussies ( and even New Zealanders ) aware of the magazine will certainly be appreciated.

Ron Richings
Comment by Ron Richings on July 11, 2009 at 5:00pm
Hi SydneyGirl

Both my partner and I have Nutcase helmets. They seem to be doing very well in North America and in Europe. I guess the real proof is the number of other helmet brands that imitate nutcase. And they have certainly been supportive of MOMENTUM.

MOMENTUM has been expanding its coverage/relevance over the last year or so by doing 'regional inserts'. So for instance the mags that are distributed in California have an 8 - 16 page SanFrancisco insert in the centre that covers stuff specific to that area.
Similar arrangement is in place for Toronto and Chicago. We expect to be expanding the list of cities/areas that get their own inserts over time. Basically the 'MOMENTUM agents' in each city put together the material for their insert, then it is printed centrally and included in the mags for that city.

One thing that I am curious about. Do MOM readers there pay much attention to the blog section and posts that come from MOMENTUM? Always a bit of a puzzle to know what happens to the stuff after it gets posted.

I must confess that I am not really familiar with the biking scene in Oz. Is there much of a domestic bicycle manufacturing industry or do you get mostly the same made-in-China bikes that seem to rule much of the North American market? Of course every country seems to have its custom and specialty builders, but they generally seem to account for only a very small part of even the quality cycling market.

Perhaps I need to have MOMENTUM send me to Australia to check out the situation there. I am sure that they would at least give me a bus ticket....

Anyhow, I will close with a photographic version of an old and hackneyed view of your contry that I happened to find on my computer.


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