Cycling: Is it no longer about the bike ride?

Only thirty-seven (37) other cyclists spotted on this morning's 66 km circuit encompassing Mosman, Wakehurst Parkway, northern beaches, Church Point, McCarrs Creek Rd, Mona Vale Rd and Pacific Hwy! Most of those were between Mona Vale and Terrey Hills – the total only reached double figures at Church Point. And that includes all the little kids riding their new bikes on the footpath and locals pottering around. Probably less than a tenth of the riders usually out on a typical weekend or holiday morning.

Mind you those numbers still almost exceeded those of cars out early. This, plus cool temperature and light overcast made for ideal cycling conditions, probably about the best all year.

So where were the rest of you? It can't just be explained by everyone staying home to unwrap their presents, can it?

It wasn't until I was returning to civilisation at St Ives (?!) that it hit me. No, not a truck, but the realisation. The cafes were closed!

Is this really what we have come to? Cycling in the early mornings is no longer about the exercise (if it ever was) but is now all about the caffeine hit? Sad ;-)

Did anyone else ride anywhere and see virtually no other cyclists?

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Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on January 1, 2010 at 10:52am
I was going to go for a ride but I know how much you like the roads to be quiet for your ride. I hope you enjoyed it. ;-)
Comment by Neil Alexander on January 1, 2010 at 10:59am
So you didn't ride in order not to clog up my roads... That's very considerate of you, Michael, but also the strangest excuse I have ever heard!!
Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on January 2, 2010 at 1:16pm
Reporting that this morning there were loads of bikes out around Mona Vale road, Akuna Bay, etc. Many big bunches, many oldies (lots older than me) and lots of girls on bikes and the usual suspects like myself.
It looked like a real pain to be driving a car around that area.
Comment by Neil Alexander on January 2, 2010 at 5:27pm
One of those out at Akuna Bay might have been Michael O', had I not dragged him away from his usual haunts for an early-ish and hilly northside ride including Bobbin Head.

It was a normal Saturday, cyclist-wise. There were lots of happy lycra-clad roadies going both ways on many roads of our route. Didn't notice many pained motorists, though.
Comment by Michael S. (Boxhead) on January 2, 2010 at 7:38pm
Considering Michael O's aversion to early starts what does "early-ish" mean?
Btw I went through Bobbin Head at around 08:15. Started my ride at the gate above Akuna Bay then rode from there to Galstone Gorge turn-off where my riding buddy turned off to do 2 more gorges than me. I rode on to do Bobbin Head north to south then back to McCarrs Creek road, out to West Head then down to Akuna Bay. Waited there for my riding buddy to catch up then we climbed back up to the cars. So humid today but great to get out.
Comment by Neil Alexander on January 2, 2010 at 8:03pm
Shhh, we shouldn't talk about Mr O' while he is not here to defend himself... but "early-ish" means we headed north from Cammeray at about 0815, just about when you were in Bobbin Head. Not sure what time we were going through there but we finished our 65km loop, which included a Lane Cove cafe stop, around 1130. (Yes, I do occasionally indulge in the wares offered by cafes. Especially if someone else is paying. Thanks, Mike.)
Comment by Neil Alexander on December 24, 2010 at 7:38am

Am I being too optimistic in hoping to see some of you out there riding in the morning??

Three gorges, anyone?

Will have to be a very early start, though.

Sorry, Mr O'.


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