Eight years of being Captain Dashboard

Eight years ago today was the day I first made the detachable dashboard for my bike.

All the accessories have changed over the years, as has the mounting system. The portion of handlebar is the only part that remains from the original.


When I take it indoors, it's a great conversation starter.


So apparently I only got the flowers in 2012?

Yes, it's just that important that I had to have it at my graduation ceremony. I think that bottle cage was the door prize from a Sydney Cyclist event?


I think I actually got the speakers and indicator lights in 2012, probably not long after the previous photo was taken.


I don't even remember having the dashboard stretched out vertically like that.


Those indicators broke eventually. I don't think that brand exists any more. I'm sure my phone was on there somewhere.


New speakers, new light, and a Fly12.


Did I really only get the coffee cup holder that recently? It's not clear from this photo, but I think this is when I had to change the mounting system.

After all these years of changes, this is the dashboard in its current form.

I've also started doing the same thing with my tail lights.

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Comment by dr bean on July 31, 2018 at 9:59pm
Nice to see your photos, Kerry - and to see you out on the road sometimes (it's hard to miss you!).

Because it isn't completely obvious(to me!) what all your dashboard features are, could you list what you have there - and in particular, what you recommend to others/might have taken off your dashboard over the years?
Comment by Bob Moore on August 1, 2018 at 2:07pm

Kerry, love your work,  was that degree a PhD in advanced bike attachments science? I have trouble mounting anything on my bike,  Including myself sometimes. 

Comment by Kerry on August 6, 2018 at 9:54pm

In its current configuration, there is a coffee cup holder, Fly12, Garmin radar, blinkers, UE Megaboom speakers, another light, my mobile phone (on a Quad Lock mount) and a horn.

Both the Garmin and the blinkers have a wireless connection between the front and rear units, and I find that both are somewhat unreliable. It might be interference from everything else I have on the dashboard.

I used to have foxl speakers, but those aren't weather-resistant enough, and the foxl bike mount really isn't made to last. The UE Megaboom doesn't come with anything for attaching to a bike, but it will fit in some bottle cages.

A few of the items on the dashboard came with rubber ring attachments, which I have a tendency to break. I usually replace them with cable ties. The blinkers come with a front mount that sticks out at an angle that isn't suitable for my setup, and it's really easy to over-tighten the screw and break the edge of the hole where it goes.

GoPro mounting pieces shatter really easily. I still have the original mount from my Fly12 after 2 years.


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