I've been in Dordrecht in the Netherlands for the last week. Winter has truly arrived, we have had snow and ice (the lakes are freezing over). One thing that one can't avoid noticing is the Dutch attitude towards bicycles. They are utilitarian, using these bicycles as amode of transport - unlike us Ozzies who make it a matter of athletic performance. Almost all bicycles are of the sit-up version, many of them without gearing. 

The Dutch ride their bikes in any weather. The day I arrived it started snowing and I, just having had experienced a 40 degree Sydney summer day, couldn't believe my eyes watching these people riding unperturbed through the driving snow (Just shows what a wuss I have become in my years in Sydney).

Bicycles are everywhere. Many people park their bikes in front of their houses. Often they just use a flimsy ring-lock on the bike. In nearby Rotterdam, bike theft appears to be more of a problem and many places have actual bike garages in front of their houses


In the next few days I'll do an excursion to the Dordrecht train station to document their bicycle parking garage. It's humungous! Watch out for more photos.

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Comment by Colin on December 11, 2012 at 4:58pm

It's only when you see how it's done in another country that you can really see the way it's done in your own country.

Comment by kirby on December 21, 2012 at 3:10pm

 'unlike us Ozzies who make it a matter of athletic performance'

That is as may be but we're out there and speaking personally this year never missed a day due to weather, and I wouldn't like to ride one of those upright bikes for my commute. 

Just saying.................

Merry Christmas everyone


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