Sydney's Inner West is usually a quiet kind of place. Little happens to disturb the sounds of single-origin lattes being brewed in hipster cafes, and kids being driven to school in urban tractors.

However, yesterday there was a Big Storm. Freak winds hit this otherwise quietly complacent patch of inner-city gentrification, bringing down trees and damaging buildings. Those freak winds probably lasted for no more than fifteen minutes, but it was quite exciting whilst it lasted.

It was particularly exciting for me, as I just happened to be on my way home from work at that moment, riding through the heart of the storm. It's the first time I have literally been stopped in my tracks by the wind - a particularly massive gust just pushed me backwards to a stop. This was coupled with heavy sideways rain that stung my face as I attempted to make progress.

However, I was not deterred. I managed to make it home, And, of course, the superiority of the bicycle was one again demonstrated as cars struggled to pick their ways down roads covered with downed trees an other debris, but I was able to continue pretty much as normal.

Here's some footage from my rear-facing camera. Unfortunately the battery was flat in the front-facing one, but you can get the idea of the intensity of the wind and rain as it is driven down the roads.

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Comment by Bob Moore on February 18, 2017 at 2:55pm
Lucky there was no flying sheet iron. Best not to ride through a storm IMHO, and after 30 years of issuing Severe Thunderstorm Warnings at the Bureau. Another lot of storms coming through now.
Comment by Jon on February 18, 2017 at 6:26pm

Poor bird at 40s.

I rode home with my daughter all the way to I got to the end of my street. Just missed the lights so had to wait the whole cycle. Then it started to rain... Well, at least I had the rain cover on to keep my daughter dry.


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