This morning, I did a bad thing, which no doubt reinforced the notion that all cyclists are hoons.

I was waiting at the lights by the Slip Inn to go up the King St cycleway, and just as the lights were about to change a car turned left, despite the fact that the junction was blocked. This meant that they were slap bang across the path that all the cyclists needed to take to get onto the cycleway. Needless to say it was a 4WD.

This annoyed me, and after I got around the car I raced up the hill to the next junction (with Kent St). If I push it, I can get to the top before the cycle lane light goes red. As I approached it, I got more annoyed by that stupid light phasing, and how the RTA can so comprehensively screw up cycling infrastructure.

I was actually turning left into Kent St, and as I got to the junction the cycling green was still on, but in a further nonsense with the light phasing there, so was the pedestrian crossing across Kent St. There were a lot of peds crossing, and I was even more annoyed by the ridiculousness of it being virtually impossible to turn left at that point safely on a bicycle (as the bike light goes red before the peds clear the crossing and cars start turning in).

The pedestrian crossing

There was a small gap between the peds, and I rode through the gap. I rode through rather fast (I still had a lot of momentum from coming up the hill). However the gap was rather smaller than I first thought, and I ended up startling some pedestrians, and definitely riding to close to them, too fast, at a time when they had a green light. In other words, I behaved like a cycling hoon.

My apologies; I allowed my annoyance at a bunch of things to affect my riding, and I took out that frustration on a group of innocent pedestrians. If you were crossing that junction this morning, and were startled by a guy in a blue and white shirt on a yellow bike, I sincerely apologise. I will reflect on my bad behaviour, and try not to do it again.

And my apologies also to my fellow cyclists; my actions certainly will not have helped in terms of perceptions of cyclists. I just hope that one of those peds doesn't remember the incident and choose to take it out on another cyclists when they are driving their car.

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Comment by Ma Dame Vélo on March 17, 2010 at 9:09am
I suggest you sit in the corner, facing the wall, no electronic implements at hand to distract or entertain you for 15 minutes. At least you have apologised, which shows me that you understand you have been a naughty boy. Perhaps no dessert tonight either? I'll ask your father when he gets home.....

Oops sorry, I thought I was talking to someone else......
Comment by Beck on March 17, 2010 at 10:32pm
If aiming for continuous motion and an unimpeded path, riding in this town will irritate. But then you lose all the stress-busting benefits of biking! Maybe you might choose instead to slow down, and stop more, and decide to enjoy that. I actually quite like hanging out at lights. It adds, what, two minutes to the trip? Still faster than driving! Still heaps more fun!
Comment by Michael O'Reilly on March 17, 2010 at 11:51pm

Danny did a bad, bad thing ...
Comment by Doddsy on March 18, 2010 at 12:50am
Occasionally i get cut off and while still rattled i make small mistakes.
Its never been anything big, inconsiderate perhaps but not a real safety issue, i normally sincerely apologise.

This incident was a real safety issue Dan.
Riding quickly near pedestrians is a big no no, especially when they have right of way, they often change pace or stop unpredictably.

No need to be sorry, we already have a bad name and you've obviously already learnt from your mistake.


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