I'm a commuter convert thanks to bold Bromette

It's hard to believe it - but I'm a cycling commuter, a mere 7 months after finally facing my falling fears!!

  My (still new) bold bright orange brompton (named Bromette) has been carrying me to and from work in style and comfort for a few months now.

  Jealously is only thinnly vieled amongst my colleagues who are also cycling commuters. As they negotiate carparking obstacles and struggle to find space on the limited number of  hanging bike racks in the depths of the basement, Bromette & I simply roll up to the office's front doors and head straight in.

  Bromette sits conveniently under my desk and as we stroll out of the office together in the afternoon she always gets a smile and comments about her fantastic folding abilities.

  She has recently been pimped, with even bolder grips & a bell (along with new brake levers) and so is now ready for her first appearance on Sydney Cyclist.



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